Restaurant-Check: Bovine, San Miguel de Allende


Situated off the world famous Zocalo, the main square and open-air theatre of San Miguel de Allende, Bovine is housed in a recently restored building that hosts one of the town’s prettiest concept stores on the ground floor. Shop first and head upstairs for the best dinner in the city. No joke, even though the place was not fully booked on that Thursday evening, I was blown away. Not to spoil too much, a friendly guy welcomed me and offered me any table I wanted. Obviously I went for the table between the bar and the main restaurant area, so I can observe both the barkeepers and servers. Then they brought me the menu which had a good amount of dishes (neither too big nor too small) and was influenced a lot by the French cuisine. After the last days of Mexican dinners, I was more than happy to get to eat a proper European menu again haha (I know I shouldn’t say that especially since I always say “embrace the culture you are travelling to” - but I don’t care).


To sample a few signature dishes, I ordered six oysters with herbs and butter, which came on a platter with salt and lemon. All of the oysters were of good quality, and the butter gave them a heavenly taste. This course was paired with an Imperial cocktail made out of the famous Casa Dragones Tequila, which I wanted to bring home as a souvenir but could not fit in the suitcase. My next choice was the beef tartare with crisps and a bit of pepper along with toasted bread. I knew that it might be risky to have raw meat in such countries, but all the prejudices were wrong, and the tartare was tender and tasted very good. Before the main dish, I was served another refreshing cocktail with lime, Mezcal and a bit of beer. At that point I found out that the barkeeper (I think he was called Javier) didn’t just have a good day, no I realised that he does an incredible job and is master of the bar in entire San Miguel perhaps.


Once I was served the main course, my excitement was over the top, and I absolutely loved the beef fillet of Bavette with homemade fries, salad and the best sauce bearnaise I have had outside of Europe. Congratulations to the chef for doing such a fantastic job. Being so impressed by the restaurant, I even went for a lovely lemon tart which again was very refreshing and not too sweet — a perfect ending paired with a coffee-based cocktail which once again was on par. I have to say that Bovine was the best restaurant I have experienced during this trip and even though I went to a few incredible excellent restaurants, there is nothing better than a good piece of meat and fabulous cocktails. By the way, writing this restaurant check made me want to replicate this evening so apologise me now as I am heading to Fifty Mils in my hotel here in Mexico City now. Enjoy your time in San Miguel de Allende and remember to book a table at Bovine!


We were guests of the Bovine Restaurant for editorial purposes however all above written represents our own opinion and has not been influenced.