Ignacia Guest House, Mexico City


Mexico City. The 21-million lives metropolis, aka fourth largest city in the world, is indeed massive. As soon as the Lufthansa Jumbo was getting through the clouds, I was welcomed by a concrete jungle reaching as far as the smog enabled me to see. I heard a few scary things about the airport of Sao Paolo that houses would literally surround it and as soon as we were about to touch down in Mexico City, I was wondering why nobody was talking about this scary descend flying through skyscrapers and making a 90 degrees left turn over an ocean of houses just 100 meters above. To be honest, as soon as I exited the plane (the only thing that felt like a piece of Europe), my First Class experience ended and I arrived in what seemed to be a messy mix of South America and Africa. The longest immigration queue of my life later and almost no luggage, I exited and was genuinely thinking of leaving this city as soon as possible. However, once I was all set and in the Uber Plus (at that point I needed a bit of luxury), something in me arouses and I was ready to accept the challenge.


There was a time where I was hesitating to stay at a chain hotel first to get a feeling for the city before diving into the authentic part of the town. I didn‘t, and so the Uber dropped me in what seemed to be a residential area (called Roma Norte and I was told it is a very safe area). Having a few pictures of the hotel in my mind was helpful so that I knew 208 would be the place I need to ring. After I did so, Gil opened the door and warmly welcomed me to the Ignacia Guest House. Interestingly after I was helped with the suitcase and shown to the suite, there was a different feeling - a very homey and pleasant one. Staying at Ignacia Guest House felt as if I visited a rich aunt or relative of a friend who recently transformed a residential building into an exceptional five-room retreat in a beautiful and safe area of the Mexican capital. Of course, jetlag and the 12-hour flight from Frankfurt hit me too, and I fell asleep watching Netflix.


Not sure if I can rate the quality of the bed because I might have been too tired so I could have slept like a baby even on a mat on the floor. Fun aside, the bed was comfy, and the linen & pillows of high quality as well. Everything for breakfast was pre-arranged with Magda (the hotel‘s manager) via email, so they knew I wanted to be served in the suite at 11 am. Entirely on time, I was greeted by the chef who brought up a delicious breakfast to my suite and prepared the table on the terrace for me. They serve a selection of fresh fruits, a bread basket with pastries and baguette, granola with yoghurt, excellent cappuccino (didn‘t even have to order it again the next day as they remembered everything) and an orange juice. Every day they do one special egg dish which I highly recommend to embrace the famous cuisine of the city. I mean is there a better way to start the day with such delicacies and a view of the green courtyard?


Back to the facts: the hotel has four rooms and one suite (each has a different colour). Having had the unique pleasure to stay in the latter, I can only recommend booking ahead and choosing Negro if you fancy for a bit of additional space and a large bathroom with double showers (meeting the needs and wants of Millennials). The suite had ample of wardrobe space with a small safe box (not large enough for the MacBook nor iPad), a living room with two armchairs and a minibar with San Pellegrino Aranciata (much appreciated) as well as a semi-separated bedroom with king bed, television with Netflix, YouTube and Google access, a Nespresso coffee machine and a few cool books. Even though I absolutely loved the loggia with two chairs and dining desk, my personal favourite was the marble bathroom with double vanities, walk-in shower, separate toilet, fluffy towels and incredible full-size toiletries by Mexican brand Loredana. While I am against shower gel dispensers in hotel rooms, these sleek glass bottles with amazing smell work for me and I see the eco-friendliness behind it.


Once I left the room around noon (I took time for breakfast and thought why rush on my first day of vacay), I was greeted by Magda herself - the heart & soul of the property. She explained the history of the house and showed me around a bit. We ended our conversation with her giving some advice how to act in the city not to get lost and then she sends me a list of nearby restaurants and shops - all of them absolutely Luxury Executive approved. Not sure if I can still call that a concierge service, however, a host like Magda is what today‘s luxury travellers want and it‘s impressive to see how Ignacia Guest House creates a boundary-free gap between posh Airbnb and fancy luxury hotel. While I first thought that the list was all Magda had to share with me, I was proven the complete opposite at the daily happy hour in the garden later that day. Between 5 till 7 in the afternoon, the team at the hotel does a fruit-based Mezcal cocktail to refresh and create a possibility for guests to mingle and chat. Magda was there as well of course and threw out some more amazing recommendations in terms of restaurants, museums and things to do. These tips were then discussed among the other couples who already have been to some places and gave suggestions about what to eat there or what time to be at the site. Honestly, at least now Ignacia Guest House felt like a small and more exclusive version of Soho House. Just without a membership card and Magda being a long-time-no-see friend from university years. I was wowed every second at this picturesque property, and it made sure once more, you don‘t need to make the big decision: Airbnb or Hotel? Choose the two in one.


So obviously I went to check out all the shops and restaurants I was recommended by my Mexican hosts, and all of them were incredible and 100% what I was looking for. I never met a single hotel concierge that dropped one recommendation I actually loved. In fact, I would like to see concierges becoming more personal and tailored to the guest's needs and wants. Times have passed where it was enough to book opera tickets, reserve them in a Michelin starred hotel restaurant and show them on the map where the Louis Vuitton is located. On my last day, I had the pleasure to meet the lovely owner who also restored the entire house. She has a real clue what is going on in the hotel scene these days and created a one-of-a-kind property. Actually I am not sure if it is right to call this place a hotel, but in the end, this blog is here to review hotels so I would say we leave it like this for now.


Honestly, I was blown away by Ignacia Guest House in every aspect. Though I had high expectations in the first place (due to the high rates), all of them were exceeded. Service was beyond fabulous and personal, the quality of the food and drinks was above par, the interior design out of the Architectural Digest Magazine and the amenities more than a luxury hotel needs to have. A place as hip as it can get! And before I forget: especially if it is your first time in a buzzing place like Mexico City don‘t experiment too much with impersonal chain hotels and go for Ignacia Guest House in the first instance. It will be the safest option of all, and on top of that, your trip to Mexico will start in the most amazing way possible! Thanks to the lovely team for taking great care of me.


Disclaimer: During my first days in Mexico City, I was guest of the Ignacia Guest House for editorial purposes. Opinions are our own as usual and have not been influenced. Luxury Executive is a blog published by tourism experts and all reviews purely focus on the hotel and destination.