48 Hours at the W Mexico City


I have compared Mexico City to Bangkok so often the last few days talking to my friends that I actually needed to stay at the W Hotel to thoroughly examine both experiences in the two cities. Mexico City is a jungle itself, and interestingly it works every day. Don’t ask me how. Uber works similarly well, so that’s your only friend while here in the capital city. Changing from a lovely boutique hotel in the cosy Roma district to a massive US branded hotel with 24 floors in the posh and dazzling Polanco district feels like flying from New Delhi to London. The five rooms slowly became 300, and the personal addressing changed into being 1209, but the design became sexier and funkier. I was now diving into the other side of Mexico City - aside I would have never expected from what is called one of the most dangerous cities in the world when it comes to media. In fact, not everything that media spread is true, and in times of fake news, I suggest everyone going to Mexico City themselves and make sure to be convinced of the opposite than everyone is saying about this beautiful country. If it is your first time to this city, I would highly recommend staying at the Polanco district not to lose the connection to Europe too much and start the Mexican adventure with a soft kick off. The W is the right way to dive into this colourful and exciting country from my point of view.


The arrival process was all usual as in every W Hotel, helpful bellmen, friendly check-in and a tour to the room while they help you with your luggage. Being situated on the 12th floor enabled me lovely vistas of the Polanco district with its posh villas and restaurant buildings on the one side as well as to Chapultepec Park with the massive flag on the other side. As for all W Hotels, the room layouts are always a bit more special, which I really adore and so was in my case with the Fabulous Suite. There was a large entree until the main bed-/living room whose centre was the heavenly W king bed. Next to the bed there was a writing desk with lots of daylight, nightstands with touchscreen lamps, a sofa with an armchair, a small balcony that could be unlocked upon request (perhaps you have to do a test to prove that you don’t jump off) as well as a wardrobe and a minibar shelf. Opposite the main bedroom were the double vanities with the separated toilet to the right and a shower/tub room on the left. Yes, the shower was separated from the bathtub (big plus) and offered floor to ceiling windows overlooking the park enabling the most amazing views of the flag once showering. In case you shower at a high temperature like me, you will miss out the view as the window will be full of steam.


Toiletries come by W brand Bliss as usual and in small containers even though it was a suite category. However, there was another set of toiletries next to the many bath amenities. They also provided two bath towels per person, which I much appreciate, yet there is no turndown service provided at the W Mexico City. To be honest, I didn’t miss it anyway as I loved enjoying the sunset over Polanco or looking at how the flag’s colours transformed when it became dark outside. As usual, the bed was indeed pleasant, and I had a good night’s rest during my two nights. On the first evening, I also went down to check out the spa on the fourth floor. While it is free to use (another big plus), I was more impressed by the TechnoGym equipped gym than by the jacuzzi and steam room. These definitely need to be cleaned soon, especially the steam room. Besides that, I enjoyed a quick hop in the hot jacuzzi to relax my feet and get a free head after the busy sightseeing.


Breakfast was a real pleasure every morning. The amiable head waiter from Costa Rica introduced himself and asked how I was feeling. As he realised that I am having breakfast by myself, he kept doing Smalltalk, which was really kind. Even though the buffet was massive and had everything I could have asked for, they also provided a new menu with items to be charged extra. The quality of the items on the buffet was outstanding, the selection of fruits vast and the bread and croissant tasty. I liked their flavoured jam butter and that their teas are by Damman Paris. Overall, service was genuine, attentive and friendly, however only fast during rush hour as one day, I arrived later at 11 am, and things took a bit longer even though the restaurant was almost empty. So make sure to come at busy hours which are between 8 and 10 am. Besides that, I find the new concept of the W Mexico City, the 25DOS a great way to combine Mexican food culture with the funky W touch.


Overall, I was happy that I chose to stay at the W, and the hotel didn’t disappoint at all. The property felt like a home away from home, especially if you are loyal to the Marriott family, or look for a reliable international luxury hotel. I have to say that I like the concept of W Hotels since my first stay at W Bangkok and feel this brand has a good understanding of what Millenials want when travelling. Location is also great if you plan to do the essential must-sees of Mexico City and plan to do a bit of upscale shopping. I am sure you will like this place.


Disclaimer: During my stay in Mexico City, I was guest of the W Mexico City for editorial purposes. Opinions are our own as usual and have not been influenced. Luxury Executive is a blog published by tourism experts and all reviews purely focus on the hotel and destination.