24 Hours at the InterContinental Genève


Having stayed at this property before with a former colleague, I knew what to expect from InterContinental Genève. While the location might be a bit off for a sightseeing trip, it‘s definitely a pole position for the majority of the hotel guests. Somewhat between the airport and the city close to all the famous international organisations, this hotel was perfect for me due to the first one. Having had an early flight to Frankfurt to connect to Mexico, I was happy to leave at 5.40 am only to reach the airport in about 10 minutes for the 7 am flight. Nobody would imagine that the queue for security is the longest at 6 am, but that‘s a topic that needs to be discussed on another day. So as I chose the InterContinental Genève due to location, I wasn‘t sad about the fact that once more it was raining in June and I wasn‘t able to dip into the cool outdoor pool (a very unique amenity in a city like Geneva). Travelling from Lausanne to Geneva is always somewhat exhausting, and this time I got a new record of almost two hours for the 65 km drive.


Nevertheless, my colleague and I arrived at what is the most impressive hotel entrance in Geneva for me. Walking through these heavy iron doors and entering a super sleek and stylish lobby was the first wow experience. I mean yes, check-in took way too long, but this was mainly my fault as I was ordering a twin bedded room and the hotel being full - however, the lovely lady from the front desk made the impossible possible and offered to put the beds apart at turndown service. Very much appreciated this effort at 8 pm. She could have just said no. So the friendly bellman accompanied us to our beautiful Executive room. While the entry-level rooms usually come with a shower-/tub combo in an old-fashioned colour, the Executive rooms are a real upgrade and are situated on the corner enabling them more space. Once we entered the room, I was impressed by the long hallway. All the way to the end of the hallway were windows into the bathroom. At this point, I realised that not all the room categories are the same at the InterContinental Genève.


Well, to be honest, besides the absolutely gorgeous views of the Jet d‘Eau (Geneva‘s main attraction) and the Mont Blanc (on sunny days with blue sky), the real highlight was the vast bathroom. I am in love with unique hotel room layouts, and this one got my full attention. Even though the toilet was not separated, it didn‘t disturb in any way thanks to the vanity desk diving the tub from the toilet. Right next to the tub was the walk-in shower with plenty of space and two bath towels per person. All toiletries were by US brand Agraria (as in all InterContinental properties) and this time I was provided big size as in 100 containers. While some might find it odd, I liked the orange marble as it matches the rest of the interior design pretty well and it looks stylish somehow. The details were clearly well thought through - even the bathtub had terrific views thanks to a glass window overlooking the bedroom straight out to the lake. All the open plan layout gave this bathroom a very spacious and airy feeling, and I absolutely loved it.


Besides the bathroom, also the bedroom didn‘t disappoint of course. My room came with two heavenly twin beds with cool bedside lamps, a sofa with a coffee table, a spacious writing desk with universal plugs as well as a sideboard with the television and minibar. Obviously the location on the corner enabled a lot of daylight, which is always great, especially in Geneva compared to the bad views I had in the city‘s most expensive hotel. You know it already, I didn‘t have the longest rest in my life at this hotel, but surprisingly I was super energised and awake the next morning which might have been thanks to the heavenly bed and comfy pillows. There was no street noise, and I didn‘t hear any planes neither. Turndown service was done while we went for dinner downstairs and also in terms of housekeeping, there is nothing to complain about. When staying at this InterContinental it might be useful to know that it hosts one of the most fantastic hotel suites in Switzerland.


Called The Residence and located on the top floor, this masterpiece boasts the most amazing views of any hotel in Geneva, sumptuous living spaces and more gorgeous interior design by no one else than Tony Chi - one of my favourite interior designers. So you get the feeling when I say Park Hyatt Shanghai or Park Hyatt Sydney. He did an incredibly good job with the Residence in Geneva. Even though he lightly did the entire hotel (another reason why I feel so attached to this property), the Residence has been done entirely by him putting in place his initials in the most wonderful way. When you now ask yourself who stays at such a suite, well you have to think twice as I am telling you we are in Geneva. Not far away from the Residence, the President Wilson Hotel is boasting the most expensive hotel suite in the world, still wondering? Generally, I think there is probably no other city besides London and Paris where such a suite is booked as often as in Geneva. Think of delegates, presidents, top CEOs and the kings from the Arabic peninsula. While I am writing this review from Mexico I begin to miss the car traffic in Geneva consisting of the most expensive cars in the world - always a joy to sit on the streets and watch the people showcase their latest toys.


To get back to reality, I kindly remind you of my early departure due to catching a flight at 7 am. Needless to say that I was forced to change breakfast at the InterContinental Genève for a quick snack at the Swiss First Class Lounge at Geneva Airport. While I would really have preferred first one, I was also looking forward to an exciting time in Latin America. I hope I didn‘t miss out too much and I am sure that the eggs benedict with a good cappuccino overlooking the lush garden of the hotel would have been a real blast. All in all, I really had a great stay (even if short) at one of Geneva‘s most beautiful hotels in terms of interior design. As far as the value for money can be rated in Geneva, I found it to be fair considering what they offer in terms of room size and amenities. Members of the IHG loyalty program are entitled to a cocktail at the bar, which is a nice touch, and my Pisco Sour was way better than the one I had at the best bar in Lausanne. I can warmly recommend the InterContinental Genève especially if you go for an Executive Room on the corner or one of their suites. If you decide to go for the Residence, I still hope you enjoy your time, but I admit that I might be a bit jealous to be staying at one of the most wonderful hotel suites in Europe.


We were guests of the InterContinental Genève for editorial purposes however all above written represents our own opinion and has not been influenced.