Restaurant-Check: The House of Sathorn, Bangkok

Definitely a place to calm down and enjoy a relaxed dinner in a really traditional house in the middle of Bangkok. The whole restaurant has been built in a colonial-style with a lovely courtyard! As we were staying at the W Bangkok, we just had to cross the entryway and were then welcomed by the lovely ladies of The House of Sathorn. Firstly we had a great gin based Cocktail with rosemary and orange peel at the amazing and cool Bar.

After the aperitif we were seated directly in front of the kitchen so that we could glimpse the chefs on the knuckles. The turkish chef welcomed us and served the first amouse bouche: a new interpretation of Bloody Mary! The Potato which depicted the Vodka was filled with tomato juice and fresh herbs. The second amuse bouche was an emptied egg with just egg yolk topped with kind of an mascarpone cream and black caviar. A simply wonderful creation! 

A small slice of chutoro (medium fatty tuna) served with a black truffled avocado cream and caviar. This course was served in a leaf of a banana palm and is called "EARLY MORNING AT TSUKIJI MARKET VOL. 6". "RED PARFAIT" was the second course. A stick of foie gras covered with an thin slice of beetroot gelatine. 

The third course was "PORRIDGE IN THE FOREST" a mixture of grains, mushrooms and sunchoke filled up with an mushroom consommé. "WHAT IS UMAMI…………………………?" The fourth course a fresh oyster topped with a sauce bérnaise and umibudo (a kind of seagrass) as well as iberico chorizo. This course was served on dry ice - wonderful creation! And Umami is the fifth sense of taste with sweet, sour, salty and bitter and means something like hearty. A slice of grilled red snapper with a sambal sauce - a viscous sauce coming from Indonesia, based on chilli - and a eggplant. this course was called "5 DAYS IN JAKARTA" - which is the capital city of Indonesia by the way ;)!

The next dish was called "ANDAMAN BBQ" - Andaman Islands is an archipelago in the bay of bengal. A fresh Phuket lobster with a grilled young corn was served with a homemade coconut jam and yello curry. "STEAK & CHIPS" was the last main course ;-). A slice of wagyu short rib - wagyu is a the most expensive beef coming from Japan. Served with a fried tendon and potato. The sauce below the meat was an onion shoyu (soj-sauce).

The dessert was a warm chocolate cake toped with a chocolate espuma!!! My favourite desert! And as a petit four they trimmed an little bonsai tree with small goodies. Above all was the perfect and welcoming Thai service, as well as the special care by no other than the chef himself, who was preparing and explaining the food in front of us. 

A very special thanks to the W Bangkok for this wonderful experience. All above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.