Happy Holidays from Luxury Executive

With some unforgettable memories in 2016, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season with a magical Christmas Eve and a truly glamorous New Year's Eve at a stylish luxury hotel, a remote place or simply at your beloved home - in fact the best place to be during these holy days. 

We are very much looking forward to 2017 and we have some pretty amazing projects. We will be inspecting some of Amsterdam's coolest and most luxurious hotels, exploring the beauty of Colombia later in January as well as making our debut in Budapest, one of Europe's most magnificent cities! 

Furthermore we will have the pleasure to attend the Traveller Made's "Essence of Luxury" Event in Deavuville, France. With this in mind we hope to keep your interest up and look forward to keep you inspired with our blog and our Instagram posts. We love to hear your feedback and now hope that you will have a cheerful christmas time!