Restaurant-Check: Prisma, Vitznau *

Switzerland has got some quite impressive hotels, with vast high-end ski hotels in Gstaad, St Moritz and Andermatt, glamorous city hotels in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, and some of the most amazing lakeside hotels I have ever seen. The Park Hotel Vitznau is definitely a perfect example of the last ones. With its unique architecture, looking more like an oversized dollhouse, it makes sure it is an eye-catcher from each and every angle of the lake. Well to be honest, Park Hotel Vitznau does not only look spectacular, it has got one of the best hardwares a five-star-superior luxury hotel can have. A world-class spa, vast suites, flawless service, more gorgeous views and of course two restaurants. That both of them are awarded with one and two michelin stars is just a matter of perfection. Park Hotel Vitznau is not just like any luxury hotel, it's one of the best hotels in the world - on all levels. 

After I my relaxing afternoon in the wonderful spa area, I was getting ready for the dinner. A very wonderful attention to the detail: Although the management reserved a table for me at the restaurant, there was no time indicating when I should arrive - which shows that they prefer to have one serving time and focus on that perfect service on the whole evening without any rush. Once I arrived at the restaurant, I was welcomed in a warm way and showed to my table. Due to the fact that I reserved the room for two guests, and my colleague having not been able to join me, I had to go to Vitznau alone. The hotel immediately took note of it and so I was surprised to see only one cover on the table, which made it clear: Attention to detail is everything here!

Before I could even have a look into the menu, the first amuse bouche arrived. Once I decided to go for the wonderful tasting menu, the second amuse arrived. Both of them were extremely good, tough I preferred the second one which was a turbot with a cucumber cream. Afterwards, the homemade bread arrived along with creamy butter, basil spread and a form of fresh cheese - which has been my favourite of all three. Before I could even focus on the amazing views, the first course arrived: a Duck liver terrine and duck liver ice cream with plums, roasted nuts and brioche. I would say of all of the courses this has been my favourite, since I love well prepared liver dishes.

After the duck liver, I was served another cold dish, which was salmon with a small "dim sum" and an extremely refreshing cucumber glace. The next course was the first warm course: a caught by hand seabass with eggplant and black turffle - another gorgeous dish and definitely my kid of food! For the final main course, I had Veal fillet and glazed veal breast with Italian broccoli, roasted onion and cashew nut. The most interesting part of the evening was the fond which has been homemade and tasted very intensive - it was simply the perfect combination to the veal fillet. While some might prefer the fillet, I have been quite overwhelmed by the veal breast which was perfectly cooked on point and very tender.

The last course was the very refreshing dessert made: a kind of cheesecake out of biscuit, cucumber and basil. It was simply the perfect addition to an amazing dinner and it was not too heavy as chocolate based desserts would have been. Together with my coffee, I received some macarons and truffles, which made the whole experience perfect. Service was simply outstanding and the wine pairing was a fair 10 out of 10 including a bottle of limited red wine from South Tyrol and a truly wonderful glass of champagne. I fell in love with the light sweet wine I was served to the duck liver! 

The Dining Experience at the Restaurant Prisma was part of my stay at the Park Hotel Vitznau. However this review has not been influenced and represents my own opinion.