Restaurant-Check: Four Seasons Macao


After a great tour trough the four seasons Macao with its wonderful rooms and suits and an overview of the casino area we had a lovely lunch with the manager of sales mrs ...

ur first dish was a Dim Sum Combination. Filled with steamed lobster and shrimps and prepared as a bird's nest. And a baked abalone puff with chopped BBQ chicken. For all dumpling fans a wonderful course!


The second appetizer was called "Zi Yat Heen Deluxe Appetizers" and was a barbecued pork with honey, suckling pig with a wonderful crust, a delicious dark sauce and a gold leaf on it and a crispy white eel with black vinegar and sesame.


"Zi Yat Heen Crispy Chicken" was the first main course. It had a super soft meat and a fat and crispy skin. It was similar made like a Beijing duck.


Sautéed seasonal vegetables with macadamia nuts were the second dish and it was served in a eatable nest of dried rice noodles. Very good and creative, we really liked the taste.


The last main course was fried rice with lobster and seafood one of my favorite Asian dishes.

The dessert was sweetened ginger tea with rice dumplings and red dates. Never tried something like this but we were really enjoying the sweet and spicy taste