24 Hours at the Le Narcisse Blanc, Paris

When you are looking for a secret, affordable and still unknown place to stay in Paris - and I am not talking of staying far outside or in an airbnb - then this place might be of interest to you. Located on the Rive Gauche side, Le Narcisse Blanc is one of Paris' latest additions to the luxury hotel market and definitely one to have a look at. No matter if you are in the city of lights for pleasure or business, this hidden gem is perfect for both alike. I arrived from the train station perfectly on time and upon entering I was a little bit surprised that it actually looks smaller than on the pictures - I guess that's the Paris effect. On the front desk I was welcomed in german and the check-in was done by a friendly staff member who spoke german to me. A nice add-on. Altough he offered to accompany me to the room, I politely declined as my colleague was already waiting for me.

Situated on the second highest floor our room was pretty nice though being a Superior Room I expected it a bit more spacious and thought myself of what would have happened to our two large suitcases once we would have stayed in a Classic Room. Honestly, Parisian rooms are famous for not being spacious and look more like a shoe box than a hotel room, so your purpose of your stay should be to experience the city as well as the culinary offers - or in case of Le Narcisse Blanc the beautiful spa area. The wardrobe was very compact as the bathroom was with a small vanity desk, a toilet next to it and a shower cabin that measured 80 x 100 cm. Toiletries were hotel branded ones though had a nice smell. I normally don't like rooms where other guests can look into your room from the hallway but I guess the architecture of the building doesn't allow anything else. All in all the room was done in a most wonderful way and the blankets and beds were of highest quality.


The main purpose of our stay were our dinner reservation at Enrico Bernardo's Il Vino just next door of the hotel as well as our lunch appointment at world famous Le Jules Verne on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. For this reason Le Narcisse Blanc was perfect since we could walk to both restaurants and we did not even plan to have enough time to enjoy the pool and spa facilities. They have an amazing indoor pool with jacuzzi in the basement as well as some treatment rooms, elegant changing rooms and a small but chic fitness room. Again we are in a boutique hotel in Paris so three pieces of training equipment already form a gym.

Generally said, Le Narcisse Blanc is a beautiful new luxury boutique hotel with small but lovely rooms. If you are planning to discover the city and spending lots of time outside the hotel though prefer to sleep in style and refresh yourself in a chic indoor pool, then it is definitely your place to stay! With prices around 250 euros per room and night, it is for sure a great steal in a city like Paris! Take your love, get a flight ticket and bed your head in this lovely place - you won't regret it.