24 Hours at the Fleming's Mayfair, London

Best for:

Luxury Citytrips, Gourmet and Shopping


8.0 out of 10

What we loved

  • Residential feeling in the heart of London

  • Amazing infrastructure with one of the coolest bars and restaurants of London in-house

  • Modern design paired with British service as its finest

After a quick drive with ‚Uber’ from the O2 arena - we went to the Bruno Mars show the night before - Felix and me reached the perfectly located Flemings Mayfair where our luggage was taken care of and were checked-in within a minute. While our room was not ready yet, we decided to explore the neighborhood and after a drink in the lobby we were escorted to our lovely Executive Room on the third floor. After a maze of doors, small corridors and steps, we eventually reached our room at the far end of the hallway.
The recently refurbished room greeted us with bright colours, elegant design and a lot of space which is quite rare in the heart of London!

My favourite part of the room was the bathroom which was equipped with floor heating and a superb rainforest shower. As the weather could’ve not been better, we strolled around London and came back just in time for our evening program in the hotel.

We started our dinner experience at their signature bar which is located right next to the restaurant, the Ormer Mayfair. Small, yet cozy and full of history is it the perfect place for a pre dinner drink - make sure to try their signature cocktails, as each of them tells a story about famous English artists! (and they’re quite delicious as well ;-) )

After a lovely chat with Mr. Folta, the Marketing Manager, we were ready for the “Ormer“ experience, which turned out was unexpectedly great. To be honest, cities like London are famous for having very good and expensive restaurants, tough I've never heard of the Ormer restaurant until now. Niklas and I were invited to have a cocktail at the bar with the PR Manager Gordon ( thank you very much) to start this evening. The bartenders really knew how to make their job! Every signature drink has its own story in memories of an englisch artist. So before you have dinner or even lunch try one of these cocktails! But let's start with the restaurant experience.

In order to be guest in such an exquisite restaurant, the menu started with a lemon grass soup with mussels as an amuse bouche. After a very personal menu introduction by restaurant manager we have chosen two different starters. Niklas decided to take the green asparagus which was perfectly cooked and even better seasoned with French pecorino espuma and grains, while I of course have chosen one of the signature dishes by chef Shaun Rankin: the lobster ravioli with shallot salad, tomato bisque and coriander. I literally was blown away when I ate the first bite! Not at all because it was bad but I wanted to be the chef who created this outstanding plate. Between the courses the sommelier picked perfectly matching wines for the dinner. At this point of my report I just want to appreciate the service.

I never had such an outstanding service in my entire life (not even at the three Michelin starred Christian Bau restaurant). Our main courses were the Ibercio pork with grilled calamari, chorizo chutney and asian pears not as perfect as the lobster ravioli and the green asparagus but also perfectly cooked - well, of course we ate everything till the last bite. I would say the portions were well calculated and I hope this restaurant will get one or even two Michelin stars next year. After the dinner, we had the honour to go inside the kitchen to meet all the great people, especially head chef Kerth Gumbs who made  this evening unforgettable. What really stood out though, was the perfect service throughout the night, while the food was already spectacular, the polite yet charming ladies and gentleman really made our night. Being treated that good, we were too full for a dessert were forced to skip another highlight.

As Felix had to leave early, I checked out their breakfast offerings on my own and was positively surprised again. While their buffet offerings where mediocre, the incredible quality of the food and the perfect service were the perfect start into the day. London has an incredible amount of hotels to choose from and you will find plenty of other boutique hotels which are also freshly renovated and have that great location, but you will not find an hotel where every employee treats you like a Royal, because all these wonderful ladies and gentleman are part of the Flemings Mayfair!