Restaurant-Check: Le Jules Verne, Paris

It’s a dream of nearly every gourmet in this world: Staying in Paris in the summertime on top of the Tour Eiffel and overlooking the City of Love. But it is a level higher to eat in the world-famous restaurant on the Eiffel Tower's second floor and sip a glass of champagne while enjoying the magnificent view. For the special occasion of my colleague and friend Lukas' birthday, I decided to surprise him with a slightly different lunch and booked a table at Le Jules Verne. The Chef Alain Soulard is doing a very good job at this Restaurant and it’s no wonder that he is part of the team of one of the best chefs this world has ever had: Alain Ducasse. One of the most exciting parts of a dinner or lunch at Le Jules Verne is actually the fact that you can take a private elevator to the second floor without hitting the queues - so the restaurants offers 

First of all, we had a wonderful glass of Alain Ducasse champagne - a delicious wine with a great perlage. The amuse bouche was a marinated frog leg, a tapioca chip with green peas and a small slice of fish, and a mini croquet monsieur. The first course was a marinated sea bream with a seagrass sauce, crispy onion rings and fresh herbs on top. A roasted cauliflower with fold caviar, potato cream, and an anchovy was the second starter. Now we came to a real French specialty: A Foie Gras de canard confit. A preserved duck liver served with a rhubarb condiment and wild strawberries with a decoration of silver.

Of course, they served a thick slice of toast with this dish.
Finally, we were ready for the first main course which was a baked turbot with a courgette stuffed with olives ricotta and parmesan cheese and served with a light lemon reduction.
The second main course was a seared medallion of veal served with ”Pommes Anna” (which is comparable to potato gratin) and a fresh jus. 
Our dessert was a berry vacherin with wild berry meringue and a strawberry white vinegar cream.
To accompany this wonderful menu we had a fruity and very delicious white wine. A Sauternes of Château Haut-Bergeron of the year 2009.