Restaurant-Check: Home - Hoi An, Vietnam

Our first night in Vietnam and I think we all know that Asian food can be very spicy or overwhelming sometimes. But we really do love it and love to try new things and dishes. At the first evening we had the chance to go to „home Hoi An“ a Vietnamese Restaurant which reflects the spectacular cuisine of the charming city in a very elegant setting. The restaurant is directly in the city center and in walking distance to the Japanese bridge. The restaurant is member of the „Viet Deli family“ they do have restaurants in Da Nang and Hanoi too.

The executive chef leads the kitchen with a menu to lead through the authentic Hoi An cuisine and he is doing it with fresh and local ingredients. What they really try to be perfect in is to find the balance between modernity and tradition. Vietnam is a very upcoming and fast developing country and especially Hoi An is full of tourists so it’s very nice to see that they still focus on quality and tradition and that’s what makes this place so special.

We arrived in Hoi An a bit early so we had to wait for our table outside, which wasn’t a problem at all - the nightlife in this city is so fascinating, I could have been sitting there the whole night just looking at all those people and lights. As our table was ready we were seated in the second floor. The restaurant was more like a private home in the inside. 

The very friendly staff welcomed us again and helped us so much with choosing our menu. They made the evening even more wonderful with their lovely manner. 

We ordered a sparkling water and a bottle of Australian Chardonnay and with it they served home made rice crackers with a spicy chilli sauce. Just like the way we love service to be.

Our starter was a trio of spring rolls, one filled with shrimps and squid, one with pork and cabbage and the third one filled with mushrooms. The second starter were claims with vegetables and local basil, a light and fresh dish. And a green roll with fresh shrimps on top. Served with a spicy green sauce for the claims, a soy sauce for the spring rolls and a fish sauce.

 The main course was served in a large wooden plate with 4 different dishes. Grilled tiger prawns served with chilli and rock salt, a green herbal chicken leg marinated with fresh lime leafs - a very Vietnamese dish which you have to try. The other two were rock fried duck filet with local basil which was super tender and delicious and stir fried morning glory better known as water-spinach. Everything was typical Asian/Fusion served with a bowl of rice.


The dessert was a roasted pineapple with honey and coconut ice cream. A exotic and fresh desert which was perfect after a wonderful dinner like we had. 

All in all it was a pleasure to be there and we had an amazing dinner. Highly recommendable and the perfect place for all who are looking for good quality food, perfect service and an unique Vietnamese experience.

We were hosted by Home Hoi An, however all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.