48 Hours at The Omnia - Zermatt

Zermatt is always a great place to go to and since it was end of November and snow was planned to arrive as well, I decided to go back to my favourite go-to pre-Christmas destination. It takes approximately two hours by car from Lausanne until you reach the town of Täsch where you need to park your car. Given that you have no choice than leaving your car in Täsch, I found 15 Swiss Francs per night for parking a bit steep also considering it was low season and nearly half of Zermatt was shut down. Adding the 10-minute train ride for 16 Francs (return trip), you finally reach the heart of Zermatt where the driver of The Omnia was already waiting for me. An essential part of your pre-stay planning is to call the property to let them know the approximate arrival time and then calling them again once you sit in the Zermatt shuttle train. Once I stepped into the sleek minimalistic electric car of the hotel, I was ready for a pleasant surprise. A 5-minute drive along the Bahnhofsstrasse and a very narrow side street later, the car entered the underground garage of the hotel which looked like straight out of a James Bond movie.

The car stopped, I was opened the door and then showed the way to the elevator. A few seconds later I entered a living room like front desk with a fire place that immediately got me that Chalet vibe. Julia from the front desk was welcoming me in a friendly way and offered me a welcome drink aka a glass of champagne and asked for an ID to do all the paper work for me while I was enjoying the design and cosy feeling. A few moments later I was shown around the property before I got to see my room – a Double room overlooking the town of Zermatt. With approximately 37 square meters, the room is bigger than the average room in Zermatt and actually it felt very warm and welcoming even though the design is very minimalistic and sleek. Being situated on the corner, my room had daylight from two sides which was a lovely touch.

Generally I liked the room layout with a spacious walk-in wardrobe to my right with safe, bench and lots of storage space. On the opposite site, there was a small bathroom, which compared to the rest of the room could actually have been a bit bigger. While the design of the bathroom was nice, the shower-tub combo and me didn’t become friends and I showered in the spa changing room instead. I totally loved the Aesop toiletries all over the hotel and in the bathroom as well as the window next to the vanity desk so I was woken up by the first sun rays of the day when entering the bathroom. Actually the bedroom’s highlight was the balcony with two chairs and the small kitchen with a complimentary bottle of whiskey on it. Even though I am not the biggest fan of whiskey, I enjoyed a few glasses while sitting on the terrace or after dinner while watching Netflix.

There were two armchairs, a sideboard with a television as well as a queen sized bed in the bedroom. Unfortunately, I had to skip the obligatory fall-into-bed-test as the mattress is very hard at first, but then adjusts to your body when you are lying on the bed. During the day, the housekeeping ladies (which by the way are totally outstanding) remove the duvet and put a blanket for design purposes. At night they are putting up a very comfy blanket. Since The Omnia only has the gourmet restaurant and I just returned from a gourmet trip in Madrid, I was in for some low-key places that serve pizza, I went into town.

On the next morning I was surprised by what seemed to be one of the best breakfasts I have experienced in Switzerland so far. There was a selection of items on the buffet in addition to a very exclusive breakfast menu ready to order on the table. Service was impeccable and they first brought some juice, then they took the order for hot drinks before they asked for any egg dish. To be honest, their Onsen Egg Benedict was one of the best I have had this year! Truly outstanding in terms of texture and taste. I love when chefs showcase their ability to create special dishes on several occasions during a stay so you get excited to actually try their signature dinner. At the buffet I was speechless to find a bottle of my favourite Italian sparkling wine: a bottle of Franciacorta by Bellavista. Overall the bread was excellent, the salmon perfect and the selection on point.

Then it was time to finally explore their spa area with the famous indoor pool. To all my surprise there was even a heated outdoor Jacuzzi which could be accessed from inside so there is no need to freeze when wanting to enter the hot pot. Generally, the pool was 2 degrees too cold for my taste and considering that it was winter. I observed a few people that also wanted to access the pool, however preferred the Jacuzzi since the pool was a bit fresh. Anyways, the Jacuzzi was absolutely fabulous and of course from both – the pool and hot bath – you can observe the town of Zermatt and yes, the Matterhorn in all its glory. Right next to the entrance of the spa there is an area with a sauna, steam bath and showers which is done in a beautiful way. Black walls and dark lighting gives a very discreet feeling making it perfect to relax. Being travelling on my own I was disappointed that there is no Wi-Fi connection in the spa besides the room with the warm relaxation chairs where I ended up spending most of the time.

On the second evening I went to another Italian restaurant that had really cool vibes. Unfortunately, I stayed there in complete low season with most of the traditional restaurants being closed. Generally, I can highly recommend to have dinner at The Omnia, too if the accompany and situation fits the purpose. Overall, the hotel is absolutely unique and worth a stay. Compared to the other (touristy) places in Zermatt, The Omnia is perfect to hide away and slow down. Although the hotel blends into the landscape perfectly, it is not frequented by big groups and tourists so it still feels like a secret place in the heart of Zermatt. At this point I also would like to highlight that the current management does an extremely excellent job, every staff member tries to remember your last name and the general manager is present a lot to ensure each guest has a memorable and unforgettable stay. Thanks for a very relaxing stay!

I was guest of The Omnia and stayed at the property for editorial purposes. All above written is my personal opinion on the property and hasn’t been influenced.