48 Hours at Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada

While Grenada might be a place you have never heard of, it’s as great place to put on your bucket list

“Grenada is always a good idea” – well a statement that I copied from the city that never sleeps but in this case it just matched perfectly. In fact, it matches even better when staying at the island’s number one property and one of the Caribbean’s leading luxury resorts. Situated on the famous Grand Anse Beach, the most beautiful on the island, Spice Island Beach Resort offers a cosy amount of 64 suites, the majority offers direct sea views. I don’t exactly know how we found Spice Island Beach Resort and how we came to the idea to visit the island Grenada, but somehow we managed to schedule it in between our stay on Barbados and our one-of-a-kind experience in St Lucia. While there are direct flights from the U.K., Canada and the U.S. as well as seasonal flights even from Germany, we decided to do a little detour for 4 weeks stopping by nearly all of the other Caribbean islands (see other reviews). Once we finally arrived at Point Salines Airport at 10 pm and as luck would have it – the “WE” is only referred to me and my colleague – you guess right! It was the second or third time that our luggage didn’t make it all the way to our final destination, BUT it’s the Caribbean and after 8 weeks of travel torture we were finally happy to see our luggage arriving at all not even complaining about a delay of 2 days.


Well, I would have loved to say that from the moment we were sure our luggage won’t arrive until the next evening (there is only one flight with Caribbean Airways to Grenada) everything was perfect. Unfortunately, I forgot to make any transportation arrangements and therefore Lukas and me looked like two homeless stranded students with just our small backpacks HAHA – I mean that must have looked hilarious. To be brutally honest the situation wasn’t anything than funny for us with an empty stomach since lunch (it was already 10.30pm), no luggage and terrible customer service by the airport staff plus no limousine waiting for us neither a hotel representative to arrange anything. Well, I have to admit that I made the situation look more dramatic than it actually was – we knew pretty well to speak English and it’s luckily their main language so we made our way to the hotel. I am a someone that feels how hotel stays will actually be even before we arrive at the property and I am almost always right… alright let’s say 75 per cent J. Needless to say that in above mentioned situation, I was not in best mood. A usual luxury hotel (probably even a Four Seasons) wouldn’t have had any chance – the experience would already have been ruined.


But when the taxi drove into Spice Island Resort, I felt something different. The car stopped, someone opened the doors and before I could even make any thoughts I heard a flattering “Welcome Mr Egger and Mr Spendler – finally you made it!”. I mean that’s exactly what I expect from a luxury hotel. I did not mention my name to the taxi driver nor the porter and the experience even continued. The front desk manager seemed to have stayed just because to welcome us personally – and that’s when you feel the Caribbean Hospitality. Yes, they might not be focussed on time, but when it comes to warm service they are as perfect as the Asians. With words like “It’s such a great pleasure to have you with us” we were handed over to the lovely front desk lady who accompanied us directly to the room – a check-in with paperwork was not necessary.

I did not yet mention that Spice Island Beach Resort is an all-inclusive resort – and by the way one of the leading ones in their genre. So I was even more upset about our delay so we could not enjoy the amazing food on the first evening. My only hope was in the Room-Service, BUT: All of a sudden, the lady opened the room door and you will never guess what has been waiting for us! We got a table full of two-storeyed plates with food! I mean do I really have to say more at that point? I had the highest expectations one can ever have, I was totally upset about everything and everyone and from that moment on I was the happiest guest a hotel can have. That was probably a personal desire I could not express which solved all problems in seconds. From then onwards it was clear: Spice Island Beach Resort is one of the best properties I have ever been! Actually they even provided us with a full three-course menu including iced cucumber soup, an assortment of excellent sandwiches, a fruit crème with berries and to top everything they added a bottle of champagne as a welcome gift that came along with pralines. Lukas and me were in heaven!


The suite itself was super cool with a bathroom that had a window in the ceiling boasting lots of daylight, a bedroom with two queen beds as well as a semi-separate living room that had a sofa which could be used as a third bed, armchair, writing desk and television. One of the highlights was the terrace with hammock and direct access to the Grand Anse beach and one of the most wonderful shorelines on the island. Every single piece inside the room fits perfectly to the property and gives the Spice Island Beach Resort a very special touch. Nice touches include heavenly beds, a make-up table, Molton Brown toiletries and excellent maid service twice a day. What I liked most about the rooms was the fact that the rooms in the first row are situated in a separate one-story villa that only offers four rooms per building, while the rooms in the second row are somehow free-standing and have a private pool that is great for sunny days (which we didn’t have). There is also a limited amount of entry-level rooms that are located on the second floor of a building in the second row which have the most amazing sea view with the rooms on the ground floor having a complimentary selection of full size alcohol and a private pool as well.

Besides the fact that the resort has direct beach access and a cool swimming pool under the palm trees, I would say the main highlight is their outstanding all-inclusive offer. I can’t remember a moment of dryness (in terms of weather too) but all I can say is that the bar staff does excellent cocktails and what I loved most about it is that they are extremely skilled in the more sophisticated cocktails rather the classics e.g. Mojito and Pina Colada – I mean those two are also good from the beach vendors so they really go beyond expectations in that point. Another important factor: the food selection. We had the pleasure to dine with Brian Hardy (the General Manager) and his lovely wife so of course we had the right recommendations but still we all four tried to order different dishes to see the presentation and quality of all dishes. After having had an octopus salad as well as a baked cheese cake with mushrooms, we were served a fresh salad in order to have a light option in between the starters and main courses before we moved on to the beef fillet with vegetables and potato ball along with an excellent demi-glace that tasted better than in a fine-dining restaurant in Europe. The other option was a swordfish with curry rice and a light sauce, followed by our dessert which was a “Death-by-chocolate” – creamy chocolate cake with dough on the bottom – it was the perfect ending of a wonderful and relaxing evening in best accompany.

All the included wines were extremely good considering the value for money and we were never ever had any complaint during our stay – they even arrived with shaving and dental kit after midnight on our arrival day – just a little detail to show how much they care about their guests. Generally said, one could really feel the difference between any other hotel in the South-East Caribbean – this is clearly thanks to the perfect management by the Hopkin family and Sir Royston Hopkin himself. He is very well known on Grenada for being an entrepreneur and one of the founders of tourism on the pretty little Caribbean island. That being said we also were offered an island tour where we had the pleasure to meet Mandoo - the most amazing and passionate tour guide we have ever met. Not only to mention that he knows every sort of palm that exists on the world, he is also caring about the island and its future which is amazing.

At least the rain had some good parts as well because we could schedule two amazing Signature treatments which turned out to be more than amazing. After the 60 minutes I felt like a different person. Our therapists gave us a detailled description of our problem zones and how we can work on them on long term basis. This was the first time we got such a personalised treatment and therefore can only say that the spa also deserved 10 out of 10 points.

As you can read and see, despite the terrible weather, we had an amazing time at the Spice Island Beach Resort and I have to admit (even tough I was very sceptical about all-inclusive resorts before going to the Caribbean) that the value for money is simply great and this resort being one of the best managed I have ever stayed at. Very well done and I really hope we have the chance to come back someday.

We were exclusively invited by the Spice Island Beach Resort and our trip was arranged by Exclusive & Different. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.