The perfect leisure look with Q1

It happened while I was strolling through those tiny, lovely streets in my favourite city, Munich. A hot summer day, Saturday and a few minutes before I was supposed to be enjoying cocktails at the Rooftop Bar of the Mandarin Oriental Munich. I entered this cool looking store and while watching out for new styles and cool stuff, I stumbled upon a super chic shirt. Honestly it also got my attention due to the beige color. Since I love beige, I had to try it immediately. To all my surprise it was so different than any other shirt I have worn. It is perfectly tailored and therefore sits in an extremely good way, giving it a perfect and good-looking fit. 

Although the quality and tailoring is very good, I am even most convinced when it comes to the style. My beige linen shirt was already bought and I was already looking for the other models and I have to admit that they are a real good option for going out or travelling. Honestly, we have the feeling that we need to wear shirts while travelling (not because we rarely stay in a hotel that has less than 5-stars, which we definitely don't do), as you never know who you are going to meet. Basically, generating business is always important, so nothing is wrong with a perfectly tailored shirt. With Q1 you have got a perfect fitting shirt plus a cool style so that you don't look like a business traveler coming from an exhausting week full with meetings. Q1 combines the need of an elegant outfit with the want of wearing something cool, like a polo. The only place we keep distanced from shirts is a resort, however Q1 shirts even look gorgeous with bath shorts. 

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