24 Hours at the Stanglwirt - Kitzbühel

What the Hotel Byblos is for Saint Tropez, the Stanglwirt is for Kitzbühel. 
Situated on the bottom of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range, the Stanglwirt boasts an excellent view of one of the most amazing mountains in Austria. After a personal greeting with an excellent glass of rose sparkling wine, we immediately felt home. Inside the vast bar area, there are huge windows overlooking the horse riding hall - a truly unique facility of this hotel. After we finished our welcome drink, the nice front desk lady Helga accompanied us to our suites. As a surprise of the house we got one large Junior Suite and an even more amazing Sonnen Suite. 

Both, the Junior as well as the Sonnen Suite had a separate living and sleeping room with a wonderful marble bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, fire place and balcony overlooking the "Kaiser Gebirge". While the Junior Suite was equipped with a jacuzzi with glass windows into the bedroom, the view was going to the mountains and towards the spa. As one of the largest suites in the whole resort, the Sonnen Suite was truly breath-taking, offering 180 degrees views of Going, the Kitzbühler Horn, the Kaisergebirge and the resort. Furthermore the living room was very large, like the bathroom was. 

Firstly I would like to point out the Nespresso coffee machine with four capsules free of charge, which is truly amazing - although it is only available in the Imperial Suites. In addition to my perfect morning coffee, we received a very warm turndown gift - a platter of homemade pralines.  The toiletries were by Pure Herbs, a pretty common line in the Tyrollean hospitality. I could imagine that Bulgari or Blaise Mautin amenities would be way better in these luxurious bathrooms. The beds were extremely comfortable and unusually huge for Austrian standards (in size of length and broad). 

Unfortunately we had to experience that the dinner is not that amazing as the rest of the Stanglwirt. While the quality of the food at lunch was relatively good, the offered Gourmet Menu was kind of disappointing for the price and category of the resort. The scallops did just taste like coating and the real taste of the scallops didn't get through. From our point of view the lobster was not delicate. The side dishes were quite good and the service average. You, as a guest, could feel the cold atmosphere the staff members have to each other. The first two courses were not served, instead they were available to pick up at the buffet - which didn't really disturb us. 

After a heavenly night, we went for breakfast. My first believe was that I should have better ordered in-room breakfast in our amazing suite with this amazing view. For a few seconds, nobody was there to lead us to an available table - our table of last night was occupied due to a birthday celebration. So the restaurant manager himself - showed us to an available table between the service office, hallway and buffet. Not really bright and relaxing. Surprisingly the buffet area was full of other guests, and I felt like in a all-inclusive club in Turkey or Egypt (although I have never stayed at such, just imaging how it would be!). Nevertheless the buffet was huge and the quality of the products was excellent. They offered an open kitchen where someone can order eggs, pancakes and crepes. Our coffee was good as well and although the restaurant was way too overcrowded there was always a staff member around to clean our table, bring fresh coffee and pick up dirty plates.

Again (like at the Stock Resort), the highlight of our stay was the amazingly vast Wellness and Spa area, spreading over 12.000 square meters. Offering everything a discerning luxury traveller like us could wish: refreshing 25 meter sport pool, a vast 200sqm sole pool at 38 degrees celsius, a really cold mountain lake next to the sauna, as well as a indoor mountain pool with a connection to an outdoor swimming area. I can proudly say that this is the most spectacular wellness area in the Tyrol and definitely one of the coolest in Austria! Made out of real stone of the Kaisergebirge, the spa completely represents the local area.

My favorite place was the hot outdoor sole pool with waterproof pillows on top of the underwater loungers - I could have stayed forever. We didn't have time to book a treatment, but we made it to each and every sauna and steam bath - and there are plenty of them! From 30 degrees to 110 degrees celsius, the Spa of the Stanglwirt meets really every guest's taste.

We were guests of the Hauser Family and the Hotel Stanglwirt. All above written expresses our point of view and has not been influenced.