Restaurant Check - Döllerer's Geniesserrestaurant

The Gourmet restaurant "Döllerer" developed itself to one of the country's best dining places. Having dined at nearly all absolute top 5 restaurants in Austria (Obauer in Werfen/Salzburg, Taubenkobel in Schützen/Burgenland, Landhaus Bacher in Mautern/Lower Austria as well as the Paznauner Stuben in Ischgl/Tyrol), the only one I haven't been was the Steirereck in Vienna and the Rosengarten in Kitzbühel. After the dinner at this amazing restaurant I am convinced that Andreas Döllerer can reach the "Vier Hauben" - the best and most important rating of Gault Millau - Austria's most famous restaurant guide. Furthermore I believe that this restaurant is as good as the Austrian leader - the Steierereck. This is based on the fact that the whole experience was slightly better at all other restaurants I have dined yet!

The evening started with a nice amuse bouche served on a real stone, accompanied by "cigars" filled with cream cheese. Salmon with cucumber and horseradish was our first course and I can just express my sincere congratulations for this amazing taste! I hate cucumber and I neither like horseradish, but this was extremely refreshing and an explosion of tastes. While the second course might seem very strange in a gourmet restaurant, it is quite usual in the Austrian Mountain area to serve bread with a cream of potatoes and raw ham - it was cool to work together as a team on the table, cutting bread and offering the spreads to everyone. 

Before I had the main course, I received a perfectly cooked fish on a herbal based sauce with mini mushrooms. The main course was a sous-vide cooked veal fillet with excellently paired side dishes. Again, it was amazing and definitely one of the best veal fillet I have ever had, together with the one at Coda Restaurant in Prague. A kind of apple pie made the crazy final and was served with chocolate and frozen milk pops, so that fog was created on top to the amazing taste. 

Our experience at the "Döllerer's Genießerrestaurant" wouldn't have been funny and crazy enough without a coffee explosion. So it was the Latte Macchiato, which was served in a champagne glass, which soon - after taking the picture - landed all over my hands, arm and jacket! Well, I didn't took it serious and couldn't stop laughing. All staff members where trying to fix the coffee attack with napkins and after the glass was empty I got a new Latte and chocolate caramel pralines as a compensation from the house.

It was a truly amazing and really funny experience and I am happy to come again next year for the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks! 

Travel Executive was not invited by the "Döllerer's Genießerrestaurant", so the review is an expression of a personal experience. All expenses were paid by ourselves.