Budapest Calling - Berlin, Germany

A very special place to visit in Berlin is the wine bar „Budapest Calling“, which is specialized in Hungarian wines. We were invited to enjoy the “wine duel” event. It was a blind tasting between Hungarian and international similar wines. While we were waiting towards the rest of the group, the boss Krista welcomed us and we had the chance to read the menu. A young waitress seated us and served water and a typical Hungarian snack. The evening’s leader introduced herself and gave us an insight into the coming evening. At the beginning of the tasting we started with a light sparkling wine. After that, we tried an Hungarian white wine compared with a German white wine from the Rhine hessian area. Then we tried one rosé wine from Hungary against an excellent Portuguese rosé wine. The Hungarian red wines were matched with Italian, French and Chilean wines. At the end of the evening they opened another bottle of rosé wine and we had the chance to talk to each other.

All in all "Budapest Calling" is a wonderful place to experience the best Hungarian wines in a sophisticated atmosphere next to the Boulevard "Unter den Linden". The event "Wine Duell" was great as we saw how Hungarian wines are in reality, beside all the prejudice we had against wines from Eastern Europe.