Not only Riesling - Berlin, Germany

After a long day at the ITB – Berlin we were looking for a nice little place to start the evening. We found a beautiful little wine shop and bar called “Not Only Riesling” in Berlin Kreuzberg. We really liked the idea and the concept, which is a wine shop in the day and a small little wine bar in the evening. The property does only sell German wines and have a big selection of the best winegrowers all over Germany. The boss, a nice man who is open to welcome every guest and is ready to talk and help every visitor with his big wine background. We were welcomed and seated by a friendly young woman from Austria.

She had a big knowledge over German wines. We did start with a light white wine from the Mosel area, which is perfectly suitable for a fresh aperitif. After that, we passed through the specialties of young wine dresser of the Mosel and Ahr area, for example Frederick Janus, Christoph Koenen or Michael Fiebrich. A plate with delicious German chees, salami, bacon and a fresh mustard has been served together with the wines. In the small menu, they want to distinguish local products. They offer just small snacks, which are chosen affectionately.

We were guests of "Not only Riesling". This review only expresses our personal opinion.