We are going to South Tyrol

As promised, we are back again. For all those asking why it’s been quite calm around our blog is that we returned from Chile and then didn’t feel to travel anytime soon, the weather was so bad, we had snow in March and with my birthday and Easter coming up back then, we had too many commitments. But May is a great month and we have a lot of projects in the line. First one is Capri, followed by a weekend in Austria and then Tuscany to sum it up in the Windy City Chicago - while Lukas is spending 10 days on Riviera Maya, Mexico to do our first Mexico features.  We will meet again on the second weekend in June (after three months - time went by too fast) and to celebrate this special event in a great occasion we decided to stay in the beautiful and beloved favourite destination South Tyrol - simply because you can always rely on this heavenly place. Food is superb, stunning wines are affordable, people super friendly and hotels becoming more and more dazzling.

So imagine me spending three nights in a region where I always go for a day trip. Actually it was hard to decide between the hotels, the selection we did prior to the contact was already small and fine so selecting out of this small amount of hotels was even harder. 

First Night: Hotel Castel vs Quellenhof Resort

Yes, Hotel Castel is a classic in South Tyrol, once one of the three only five star hotels in the region, today totally renovated managed by the new generation, Daniel Dobitsch who revamped totally and is now bringing a fresh breeze through this legendary gourmet hotel, far off the hotel’s low time 6 years ago. 

On the other side we have one of the biggest wellness resorts in the Alps with a spa so huge that it needs a stay of at least 2 nights to see and discover each corner of their facilities. The family friendly approach welcomes children alike and therefore does not offer the same peaceful level as the Castel plus views cannot compete neither. This night likely goes to the Hotel Castel.

Second Night: Rosa Alpina vs Ciasa Sierlas

Rosa Alpina, a hotel that has always played a key role in South Tyrol’s tourism development. Also part of the three initial luxury hotels, I have always dreamed of spending a night there, which now becomes reality. Cool renovations made this place ready for the Jetset and it’s no surprise that it is now proud member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

While it might not look like the fanciest luxury hotel out there from outside, what’s behind is a hidden gem. Spacious and individually designed rooms and suites are tempting me to choose this place, however the hardware (eg Spa) won’t be able to compete with Rosa Alpina and even tough their restaurant has two Michelin stars (Rosa Alpina has three but is out of the budget), this night will be spent at the first one with a dinner at Ciasa Serlas to at least see and feel their USP.

Third Night: Romantikhotel Turm vs Bad Schörgau

The last decision is still not made yet and will most likely made based on the route we plan to take. Bad Schörgau has an upscale one-michelin-star restaurant, a super interesting spa plus a remote location in Sarn Valley what seems like the end of the world. I like the efforts they make and the personal touch by the owner Mr Wenter himself. Their holistic spa programme sounds amazing, as their spa looks. Who would deny a natural bathing lake just outside the hotel that is even heated - night adventures allowed I guess.

Just opposite in Völs, Romantik Hotel Turm is currently undergoing a renovation and even before the renovation it had this unique look already that made me wanna stay at the place. A chic pool is heated and while the food won’t be able to compete with Bad Schörgau, the views can completely come up for it. Waking up looking onto one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in the world is a feeling that is simply worth the splurge. I like the fact to be in town while at the same time they try to be a wellness hotel with spacious rooms and peaceful location.


What’s your opinion on the hotel selection above? Which places would you recommend? Would you do the selection differently?