Titilaka - Lake Titicaca, Peru


The Titilaka resort is definitely one of the most private and luxurious resorts in Peru. It’s located directly on the coast of the Titicaca lake which is the highest sweet water lake of the world - with an altitude of over 3900 meters above sea level. A special service of the hotel is the free transfer from the airport to the hotel, approximately a two hours drive. Bevor they leave, they will check your oxygen level so if you have problems with the altitude they could immediately assist you.

The hotel which looks more like a big private mansion is close by the Titilaka village in the Puno region. All in all this place is a wonderful property to spend a magnificent vacation and to explore the various activities around Titicaca lake. The property has rooms with the unique view over the lake and you can decide between a sunset or a sunrise view - both definitely breathtaking.

After my very comfortable check in I got a tour through the property and even had to choose which room I would prefer. I took the sunrise room with the full lake view.


When you enter the room you are directly in the big bathroom with a double vanity desk on the one hand and a huge rain shower with a separated toilet on the other side. Like you would expect from a luxury five star resort they offer at least two bathing towels per person - which is remarkable, given the the remote location.

Another lovely detail was the „do not disturb“ sign which was one of the native tipis, which are the fern houses in the floating islands. If you put it in front of the door it means that you want to be on your own and they are not going to disturb you.


Facing  the front, I was looking to the bedroom area with its big window front with the Titicaca lake in the center, which is more like the sea for me. In front of the free standing king size bed was a desk and right next to it was a small wardrobe. A lovely giveaway and a handwritten thank you card were decorated on the bed. So simple but I really felt welcomed and the personal touch was a very nice gesture. The giveaway was a small pattern oven which the natives on Titicaca lake use on the floating islands. Right behind the bed was a comfortable sofa with its terrific view over the lake, I could have spent my hole day there and do nothing but relax.

However there was so much to explore in this area. After unpacking and settling, I headed down to the reception where one of the tour guides already waited to discuss the upcoming days with me. This included which tours and places I want to see and what the current offers are. After planning all my tours I went to the backyard to participate at the sunset come-together which is usually every second day (if the weather is good). They prepare a big circle of chairs around big open fire right next to the lake so you can enjoy the the sunset with a Chilean glass of wine or champagne and some freshly prepared snacks. After the sunset cocktail I headed back to the restaurant where I had a wonderful alpaca carpaccio (very tender and delicious) a trout filet and a fruit platter as a dessert.


Our first tour was a "full day islands of lake Titicaca excursion". We started with a 1,5 hours long drive along the coast to one of the well-known floating islands on Lake Titicaca where we changed to one of their artisanal boats being able to explore the surrounding and learn how they are making their islands. After that we went back to the island where they talked about their daily living and how the natives build their houses. You could buy some lovely artisanal gifts, very colorful and stylish too. Then we went to the island Taquile - by motorboat - the biggest islands onhe lake. There we had an amazing lunch with a breathtaking view over the lake. After the lunch they explained us more about the traditions, styles and habits of the native people.

Before the dinner I had the chance to relax in the big hotel living rom with cosy seating area and a fireplace in the corner. The perfection of the moment was the kind staff which served cheesy bites and delicious Chilean wines. After a refreshment in the room, I went to the restaurant to be culinary surprised again. As a starter I had the trout ceviche - while the traditional Peruvian ceviche is with salt water fish, in the Puno region it is common to prepare it with trout - I highly recommend it though.


The second tour was the cycling tour, but it’s more like a relaxed bike ride, so there is always the bus driving next to you so if you want to take a break or relax you could always hop into the bus and drive. But for everyone who wants to be a bit active and explore the countryside of Peru it’s the perfect tour. You will have stunning views over the lake and enjoy the green mountains. You will see many natives which are very friendly and always greet you from all over. But the actual highlight of this tour is the picnic which is on a small peninsula with the best view. The driver and the guide will prepare a lovely table for you and treat you with hot soup and small snacks. The whole staff is really motivated and anticipated to make your stay unforgettable.


We were hosted by Titilaka however all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.