The Ultimate Luxury Travel Bucketlist

Life was meant for Good Friends and Great Adventures
  1. Taking the Venice Simplon Orient Express on its original Route from London to Venice including a stay at the Hotel Cipriani

  2. Cruising the Atlantic with the Queen Mary 2

  3. Doing a Spanish language course in Latin America

  4. Italian language course in Tuscany

  5. Flying First Class - DONE

  6. Visiting the Lufthansa First Class Terminal - DONE

  7. Mexico City & a luxury resort on the seaside - DONE

  8. Machu Pichu & Hiking the Inka Trail

  9. Touring Canada

  10. Drinking Whiskey in Scotland

  11. Staying overnight at the invitation-only Hotel du Marc in Reims

  12. Visiting Carnival in Rio de Janeiro + Seeing Sao Paolo

  13. Salar de Uyuni

  14. Learn how to dance Tango in Buenos Aires

  15. Riding an Elephant

  16. Watching the Northern Lights

  17. Cruise the Antarctica

  18. Doing a Safari in Africa - DONE

  19. Staying at a Desert Camp

  20. Island Hopping with a Yacht in the Mediterranean

  21. Going on Expedition on Galapagos

  22. Renting a farmhouse in France, visiting markets everyday and cook all day long

  23. Seeing the Outback

  24. Helicopter Ride to the Niagara or Iguazu Falls

  25. Grand Canyon & Playing in a Casino in Las Vegas

  26. Highway 1 & California

  27. Flying to New Zealand

  28. Helicopter Ride over New York City

  29. Celebrating Christmas at The Plaza New York

  30. Spending one more night at a Four Seasons Hotel - DONE

  31. Having stayed at least once in every luxury hotel brand (Shangri-La, St Regis, Six Senses, Belmond and Soneva are missing)