The Science of Beauty by Dr Pauline Burgener

Moderator Clifford Lilley and Dr Pauline Burgener (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

Last Friday, I had the unique chance to attend a special evening at The Dolder Grand in Zurich, a hotel I always wanted to see and stay at. Luxury beauty brand Dr Burgener from Lausanne hosted me for an evening of another kind: The Science of Beauty. Celebrating the new partnership between one of the world’s most luxurious beauty brands and Switzerland’s leading luxury hotel spa, the evening was all about skincare, creativity, personalization and luxury treats including champagne by Louis Roederer, as one of the partners supporting this exclusive evening. All food products served on that evening were related to the different ingredients you find in the cosmetic creams, which was a very creative way to introduce the products. Even though, I have to admit I never tried the brand before, also because it is not available in Munich or Austria yet, the concept of Mrs Dr Pauline Burgener is very interesting and I am sure her success story with the most luxurious spas will continue to grow very fast. Since we are travelling a lot and spending most of our time in airplanes, considering we mostly have a weekend to travel, it is essential for us to use the right beauty products. There is nothing worse than arriving at a destination, having to work from the first moment and looking like you’re back from a night out. That’s why we only depend on high quality products tailored to our skin type using the best ingredients.

Body line Dr Burgener (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

Haute Couture Pauline Burgener (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

Face line Dr Burgener (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

About the brand

It all began in 1955 when Dr Marc Burgener, a plastic surgeon founded the Burgener range, which was then later taken over by his daughter-on-law Dr Pauline Burgener after she had obtained her PhD Biology degree at the University of Lausanne. Thanks to her medical knowledge she developed her own brand, Dr Burgener. In twenty years, she had created her own spa and treatment line that carries her name. Today, the leading visionary in personalized luxury skincare, beauty and rejuvenation has conceded an important success around the world. Her products have been placed in the most sumptuous hotel spas worldwide, such as the Four Seasons Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, George V Paris, New York, London, Hotel des Bergues Geneva, Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as Palazzo Versace and Four Seasons, Atlantis and Six Senses in Dubai and in Switzerland, at the Grand Hotel du Lac – a Relais & Chateau in Vevey. Pauline goes far beyond a care product, she creates for certain customers astonishing products. For example, for the Russian market, she developed a range using black caviar. There is nothing to stand in the way of this dynamic woman and her line of 100 % Swiss made cosmetic products. The Dr Burgener cosmetic products are unique in that they analyze your skin before applying the appropriate care treatment. The line of products is designed using state- of-the-art techniques. Dr Burgener is top-quality made-to- measure cosmetics just for you and place the emphasis on your skin.

Scallop with cauliflower and tobiko (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

Champagne mousse with red fruits (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

Coffee with apricots (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

Brief Overview of the brand

  • Family company since 1955, with a laboratory in Switzerland and Swiss made products

  • A brand expert in personalized skin care, beauty and rejuvenation

  • A concept based on natural active ingredients combined to the latest technologies and advancement in science

  • A holistic and lifestyle approach, with tailor-made cures and treatment programs

  • A brand using no unnecessary packaging and resources that are wasteful and harmful to the environment

  • A brand dedicated for luxury spas and professionals, with no presence in retail

  • Dr. Pauline Burgener hand selects personally the natural ingredients at the source, guaranteeing the natural origin of the ingredients and top quality

  • A philosophy of life where quality versus quantity prevails, traceability and fair trade globalization are supported

Mark Jacob, Managing Director of the Dolder Grand Hotel and Dr Pauline Burgener (Photo Credit: Andrea Monica Hug)

So if your next travel brings you to Zurich, obviously you have to try the legendary Dolder Grand. Not just famous from several movies, also thanks to the breathtaking vistas, vast luxury suites and of course the most amazing spa Switzerland has seen so far. If you are fancy enough staying there, you might have the chance to try the Dr. Burgener guest toiletries in the rooms which are one and only in the world and only available at The Dolder Grand so far.


The new bath amenities by Dr Burgener exclusively at The Dolder Grand

Thanks to Dr. Burgener for hosting us at The Dolder Grand. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.