Tabasco celebrates 150 Years in Vienna

On 23 May, Tabasco invited for a small get together in the exclusive environment of Roberto American Bar in the center of Vienna (Bauernmarkt 11-13). Elegant black mirrors surrounded the small and intimate bar whose center was a massive crystal chandelier. The main bar filled the middle of Roberto American Bar and I was surprised to see the entire bar being at its fullest thanks to the special event of Tabasco. I have to be honest, I never tried Tabasco and was never eager to do so by ordering a Bloody Mary. This time however I had no option and was totally excited to try four different types of Tabasco based cocktails.

I started with the entry-level "Austrian-Mexican Connection" - what a perfect pairing considering our colleague Lukas is currently in Mexico - made with Mezcal, dark chocolate liquor, strawberries, citron juice, whipped cream and Tabasco Habanero Sauce.

During the event I got to meet Christina who introduced me to the wide variety of Tabasco. While I was always thinking there is only one Tabasco, I was told there are actually four totally different sauces: Jalapeno, Chipotle, Pepper (the classy one) and Habanero. The next round were two Paprika Smash - a very refreshing drink with Olimeca Altos, yellow paprika, lime & pineapple juice, paprika powder as well as Tabasco Habanero Sauce. Still hesitating which drink was better, a lady from Tabasco Austria arrived and gave us a few more information along the next drink which was a Guacamole Margarita. Actually this was not the typical Margarita you would expect as it was made with Olimeca Altos, lime juice, sugar, avocados as well as a sabayon of Tabasco Habanero sauce. I have to mention that the cocktails were somewhat spicey beside this one that was just perfect for a warm summer evening like this one.  

The grand final made a drink called Spicy Pipeline which was the favorite choice of the majority of the guests. It is made with vodka, lime, cucumber, almond syrup, pineapple juice and good old Tabasco pepper sauce. All in all, the evening was a lot of fun and the gastronomy delights were superb, too - just as you would expect it from a first class event in Vienna. For me it is always great to try out new things or products I normally never try - it widens your horizon and proves once again that it is always better to be open. 

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Thanks to Tabasco and massgeschneidert agency for the amazing event. All above written expresses my own opinion and has not been influenced.