Steigenberger Hotel & Spa - Krems, Austria

Situated on a hill at a quite picturesque corner of the town Krems, the Steigenberger is one of the best places to stay in the region Lower Austria. Actually, it was not my first stay at this hotel, however it was my first time after they refurbished the entire property (besides the hallways but who cares about that). It was a sunny March weekend and me and my friends decided to take a spontaneous trip to the countryside. While in first instance, it was important to be able to reach the hotel by public transportation, we also wanted to have a sauna and an indoor pool. There were three hotels that were in the process of being considered, however we went for the Steigenberger as it offered the best value for money to us and back then we still took part at the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks event (more on that later). Being based in Vienna for half a year, the arrival wasn‘t much of a hassle: a high speed train, local regional train and a taxi ride later we arrived at the main entrance of the Steigenberger Krems perfectly on time at 3pm. We were welcomed in a friendly way (nothing too much) and accompanied to our rooms. I appreciate when the front desk staff takes the time and shows you to the room - I believe they do it on request only since the property is easy to navigate plus they have many returning guests (including me). 

While the others of our party were upgraded to a Suite overlooking the garden, I decided to take the Superior Room overlooking the town and the Danube - which in the end was the best decision also because there was a table with chairs on the balcony. Generally I like the new design of the hotel with bright wood and beige colors - it looks both elegant and bright. Next to the twin bedded double bed was a writing desk, an armchair with table as well as a sideboard with a built-in luggage rack and the television on it. Below the television is a minibar with a selection of soft drinks and beer - all items are at an additional charge tough didn‘t find them overpriced. I was also happy to see that they provide some magazines about the region and the wine, much appreciated. Just right in the entree is the spacious wardrobe and opposite the entrance to the bathroom which again was new and designed in a bright style. Beside a single vanity, you can find a toilet and a walk-in shower or tub- and shower combo (as you prefer). I knew that Steigenberger does not pay too much attention on guest amenities so no wonder that they we’re unbranded ones, however smelled not too bad and were fine for the night. Everything was as you would expect it from a four-star-superior property and I think that the price is totally fair for the new rooms. 

Now comes the main highlight and the main reason for our stay at this specific hotel: the wellness area on top of the newly added building. We were informed by the general manager that they currently undergo an expansion which will be done during the operational business, however she assured that work won‘t begin before 9am. While I would have totally been excited to stay in one of their spa suites, I now know why they didn‘t allocate one: these are the ones nearest to the construction and people who prefer a long sleep till noon might become upset. To be honest, during the entire stay we didn‘t hear any noise from the working might it be at the wellness which is right next to it or in the rooms - obviously they are on the other end of the hotel and therefore there is no need to be worried. Situated on the top floor of the new building, the wellness area features a nicely sized indoor pool, a sauna area with two Saunas, a steam bath and a relaxation area overlooking the town and the river. My personal favorite tough is the outdoor jacuzzi discreetly hidden behind a curtain but overlooking the wine mountains, which is just THE perfect spot to totally relax and rejuvenate. I was surprised to see some mixed-fruit selection next to the tea station and there were always enough chairs and towels at the spa. 

During the summer season the Steigenberger Hotel Krems also offers an outdoor pool that is located on the very top of the hotel in midst of the grapes and gardens - literally a picturesque place which hardly can be beaten in Krems. Some other special amenities include free water for turndown service as well as the breakfast which is included in all rates. Unfortunately breakfast has always been one of the only issues this hotel is facing (as far as I remember from before the renovation). Their breakfast room does not really have an ambiance and the guest-to-staff ratio feels to be too small, considering the amount of dirty tables when we arrived at quater to 10am. One consequence of the many hotel guests is that the buffet is not fully stocked and some items run out of stock very fast, however are refilled by staff members - it just takes its time. Also I found the staff to be very helpful compared to the massive workload they have. I would also like to point out the egg station where they prepare eggs sunny side up and scrambled eggs a la carte and you don‘t need to take the already prepared eggs from the buffet. On the other side, I was also impressed by how big the selection of breakfast items was and also by the quality which is the same as I buy it in the supermarket. 

So generally this place is perfect for a weekend getaway not costing you a fortune but still providing a relaxed feeling plus two pools. Service is what you would expect from a four-star-hotel, meaning they do whatever they can with limited number of workers. I had the chance to meet the General Manager of the house and she was very keen on letting me know about the upcoming expansion. It‘s going to be pretty nice with a bigger spa, even more chairs and also quite a few more rooms. I am excited how they manage the breakfast situation tough and can‘t wait to return once the expansion is being opened. 

We were guests of the Steigenberger Hotel & Spa in Krems, however as you can read, all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.