A Night at Allegroitalia Lords of Verona

It was end of August, summer season slowly coming to an end. That also meant that the summer festivals were soon to be waiving goodbye. Just right in time to get a last round of open-air performances, Lukas’ family was planning a trip to the city of Verona and we both were in for a glamorous summer final. It didn’t take much of a planning, besides getting two more tickets for the Verona Opera performance of Aida and arranging a hotel that sits in the heart of the city but still is very chic and fresh. Unfortunately, our Verona favourite hotel shut down for unknown reasons, so a new home away from home had to be searched. Staying inside Verona downtown during the Opera times not only comes with sky-high prices, but also with the crowds of people flowing through the narrow streets. After a bit of research, I found Allegroitalia’s latest property to be an amazing value for money.

Being ranked as one of the top properties, Allegroitalia Lords of Verona looked like it would be fit for a discerning group of travellers like we were. My pre-arrival feelings were mixed – “Is the hotel ready yet to perform at its best?”, “Is it the right hotel for a woman in their golden ages?”. My grandparents are more the generation Grand Hotel rather than any design hotel, so how is this going to be different? Well, once we slightly arrived near the central gate to Verona, I gave the hotel a call to let them know about our arrival in a few minutes. Very professionally I was given last instructions where the bellmen would wait and five minutes later, we actually met the bellman on a pretty square in the heart of Verona. The huge Lexus limousine actually fit the parking spot on the square that was kept empty until the guy from the garage arrived to offer a valet parking. Before the actual arrival day, I got an email with the parking possibilities and detailed arrival details. Especially in Italian cities you tend to drive into prohibited areas resulting in fines easily, so the help was very much appreciated.

We were immediately offered help with the luggage and through a connecting street we reached Piazza dei Signori, where the Allegroitalia Lords of Verona was situated. Being a driver by myself I have a love-hate relationship with hotels in pedestrian areas since it gets really crazy sometimes however at the Lords of Verona, it was handled in a perfect way and once we entered the hotel, the property manager Danilo arrived to personally check us in. While the others were accompanied by front desk staff members, Danilo took care of me and Lukas to show us to our suite. Allegroitalia Lords of Verona is designed in a very special way making it one of the most interesting properties in and around Verona. Thanks to the special structure of the building, all suites are different. Ours was a lovely one-bedroom suite with a separate bedroom consisting of a super heavenly double bed, television and writing desk along a wardrobe, a living room that had another television, a table for four and a small kitchenette that also had a coffee machine and basin.

I love special bathrooms and this one was really cool. Held very dark with a cool single vanity, bidet and toilet, the shower remained the highlight of the cosy bathroom. All bathroom products were branded by the hotel however made by La Bottega dell’Albergo. Unfortunately, they did not have shaving nor sewing kits, making it impossible to repair my broken Bermuda shorts. Anyways the dress code of the evening was Business Casual anyways making me forget about the Bermuda shorts. When it was time for dinner, we all headed to L’Oste Scuro, one of Verona’s finest seafood restaurants. While I would definitely go there again, Lukas preferred the more Veronese-styled Locanda 4 Cuochi. After the dinner, we enjoyed the Arena with what had been the best performance of Aida I have seen so far. Thanks to Ferragosta season, the central part was a bit less busy enabling us to sit with more personal space. A Gelato later, we fell into the beds at Lords of Verona that proved us once again how new the property was. There is nothing better than sleeping in brand new beds along the world’s best bed linen made in Italy.

Being a bed and breakfast concept, Lords of Verona does not serve breakfast itself, however Danilo and his team recommend the best cafes to have a seat and enjoy the tranquillity before the massive tourist groups arrive. We felt like as if we would have slept in Venice and no cruise has arrived yet. To conclude, I have to admit that Allegroitalia as a brand convinced me to stay with them again and actually the Lords of Verona exceeded our both expectations. It was not just perfectly located, also the service was personal, the suites very clean and elegantly furnished with high quality furniture and details. An absolute luxury property in the heart of Verona.

We were guests of Allegroitalia Lords of Verona during the Verona Opera, however all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.