Restaurant-Check: Woomoolovo The One, Hong Kong


If you are in Hong Kong you need to have dinner in a Kowloon restaurant overlooking the island site at least once. We decided to book a table at the Woomoolovo Steak Restaurant & Bar on top of The One shopping centre. We were the lucky ones with the table right next to the window so we could enjoy the whole skyline of Hongkong at night.

To start the evening we have had a creamy lobster bisque and grilled tiger prawns with a lobster sauce accompanied by a lovely glass of champagne.




Our main course was a American rib-eye steak marinated in fresh herbes - we prefer the pure taste of the meat especially if there is such a high quality of meat. The side dishers were green asparagus with sauce hollandaise and homemade fries. The steak was served with four different sauces, a BBQ-sauce, a sweet onion sauce, a pepper sauce and a garlic sauce.


If you are in the bar once, make sure to try their cocktails - that's what our Hongkong friend's told us! So did we: I had a cocktail similar to a mojito with lemon and ginger and my colleague had a classic Mai Tai. Both were very good and the portion was perfect considering the price.


The desert was a vanilla semi freddo with a yoghurt ice cream and red berry compote. All in all it was a great way to start our first day in Hongkong and with the Ritz Carlton as our home, it was also perfectly situated.