Restaurant-Check: Castel Fragsburg, Merano **

How to make a perfect hotel stay even better? Exactly with the dinner, no not just the dinner the hole food selection which you can get at in such a nice Hotel. During our stay Merano was host of the world famous annual Wine Festival in addition the Fragsburg invited famous michelin awarded guest chefs from the finest restaurant in Italy. They had the chance to present their restaurants and did very well! On our first evening ** starred Chef Alfio Ghezzi presented his 7 course nearly perfectly.

Of course the amuse bouche served on antlers glass plate contained foie gras smoked fish truffles and caviar. When you are about to eat food like this you have the choose an even better wine, in our case Daniel decided to take a „Chianti Classico“ from our known winery „Felsina“ in Tuscany. If you are in a restaurant and everybody is taking pictures from a plate then there is something special incoming: The second course was one of my favourites during the hole weekend a raw gamba from „Mazara del Vallo“ served with dry ice just an amazing presentation.

When in Italy you have to eat at least one pasta dish, so the third course was handmade ravioli filled with chicken some truffle on top and mushroom sauce au tour. Pulpo Lime Ginger Feta and Risotto I think I don't have more to say about this perfectly seasoned course! Daniels favourite plate was the marbled trout with beetroot mustard and caramelized yoghurt sauce. The beetroot matches perfectly with the mustard.

Nearly all Michelin star awarded chefs have pigeon on their menu so chef Alfio Ghezzi created a perfect main course out of this little bird. Roasted breast, crisp leg with great tasting chestnut puree and Thai ginger sauce. A very big chef said once, life is short so lick a spoon. This dessert made by chef patissier Fabrizio Apruzzese was just amazing. Honey hay and sour cream perfectly combined to ice cream and mousse. Yes the dinner was definitely one of my best food experience ever, a huge thanks for all the great people who made this possible.

The dinner was provided in addition to the stay, however the above written has not been influenced.