Restaurant-Check: Beefbar, Hong Kong


Beefbar is a well-known steak restaurant in the centre of Hong Kong.

For us it was a great pleasure to have our last dinner in this wonderful property.

As an aperitif we had a super tasty cocktail which was similar to a Moscow Mule but with a hot pepper in it, which gave the drink a spicy taste.

 The amuse bouche was a small deep fried roll filled with a cucumber espuma. 


My starters were homemade ravioli filled with delicious and soft wagyu beef and my colleague had a lobster from Normandy served with a creamy tomato sauce and self-made pasta.


Our main course was a 600 Gramm Filet steak of an Australian angus beef. It was perfectly grilled and had a lovely roasting flavor. We took it medium rare and as side dishes we had spinach and homemade potato fries. The steak was accompanied by a lovely Pinotage red wine from stellenbosch, South Africa.



A fresh fruit platter with red berries, apple, melon and kiwi was the great finish of this amazing dinner.