Restaurant-Check: Nobu - Marbella, Spain

Nobu stands for two things: good vibes and great food. So when I went to Marbella - which was definitely one of my favourite places this year – my colleague Niklas and ne had the opportunity to try two different restaurants during the stay at the recently opened Nobu Hotel. The first one was “Celicioso Gluten Free Bakery”: this place is perfect to have lunch paired with a nice glass of white wine. The chefs prepare really fresh, tasty and healthy dishes. Beside the beautiful atmosphere the view is just outstanding, however let’s start with the essential thing about any restaurant, the food. When in Spain you have to eat at least once nachos with cheese, spicy tomato salsa and avocado cream. I loved this kind of starter so much that I wanted to order another portion. When testing restaurants, you simply have to try the other things on the menu obviously. As main course I had the chance to try the cheeseburger with hand cut sweet potato fries which was as very tasty. Niklas’ main course was a typical pasta dish: Bolognaise. Sorry for putting my fork into your plate by the way ;).  After this gorgeous lunch, we were so much looking forward to what it is going to be like at the real Nobu restaurant in the evening!

The main concept of Nobu - founded by celebrity chef Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa - is to pair excellent Japanese cuisine with regional products. Its latest restaurant opened in Marbella, nestled right at the Grand Plaza of the Nobu Hotel (which is part of the Puerto Romano property). This location means you have to walk three minutes from your room to the busy restaurant. The hostess which was waiting for us (well prepared team) escorted us to our lovely table outside with beautiful view towards the live band which was playing really good music at the “Grand Plaza”. Our attentive waiter recommended us to try the “piemtos de pardron” with crunchy miso sesame while we had a closer look into the menu. Usually I don’t have my iPhone in use throughout a dinner, but this time I had to take notes because we ordered plenty of different dishes in order to get to know the whole Nobu experience. As starter Niklas had of course Nigiri with octopus, tuna and salmon. I had the honour to try the tuna roll which was one of the best sushi experiences in my entire life so far, until I tried Niklas second starter, the salmon avocado maki roll – from my point of view this was the very best Sushi in the world! Off to the next course, the Seafood Ceviche served with salmon octopus, fresh tomatoes and very tasty seasoned vegetables. After a quick look into the menu and just in time after the wonderful starters, we wanted to try the hot plates. My colleague had the opportunity to go for the grilled beef tenderloin which was that tender and perfect grilled that he was able to cut with his chopsticks. For my main course the chefs prepared a roasted duck with spicy teriyaki sauce. I instantly got tears in my eyes at the moment I felt a stripe of the duck in my tongue. Well, I don’t have to describe more of this amazing dish! I even get goose bumps while writing my report.

Thinking about this amazing experience, this restaurant experience would definitely be given 10 out of 10 points, not just because of the food and the waiters also due to the atmosphere and the whole circumstances. Being grateful that we have had the chance to be guests of the Nobu restaurants, all left to say is that I would never want to miss this opportunity.