Kitchen meets Winery at Hotel Erlebach Kleinwalsertal


Same but different and of course perfect comes in my mind when I am thinking back to a really spontaneous dinner which I had a few weeks ago. To keep you updated my dad is a chef here in my hometown Kleinwalsertal and one of his closest friends is also a chef and somehow the two of them had the same master chef back in the 80s where French cuisine became popular. So, it is not a secret that they know what they are doing in a kitchen with their team. Anyways my family and I had the chance to have dinner in a four-star hotel here in Kleinwalsertal. The special thing about that kind of dinner: it was a collaboration with a famous vineyard in Austria. The wine producer (Gerald Tschida) presented some of his latest wines and chef Ronald Behrens created a menu to accompany the wines. The result was just amazing. The menu has started with an amuse bouche containing a grilled shrimp with shellfish mousse which was the perfect start for a great evening. As a second course, the very attentive service staff brought us a glazed quail filet with homemade rosemary/leek ravioli and lavender vinaigrette - also perfectly cooked and seasoned. One of my favourite dishes of this evening was the perfectly seasoned spring morel soup. We had the possibility to taste a glass of “Sauvignon Blanc Roter Stein vintage 2018” which was the perfect match to these three starters. 


Let’s move on the fish course or let's say the favourite fish of my father, Atlantic turbot with veal sweetbread and corn-mousse and buttery gravy, as I told you before a piece of jewellery of the French Avant-garde cuisine.  As special guests, the chef gave us a non-menu listed dish containing smoked pork belly with celeriac cream and crispy parley a perfect appetiser for the main course. It’s always nice when chefs decide to stick on the classics so in this case the summit of the menu was a ballotin with venison wrapped in tramezzini (Italian white bread) smoked potato mousseline and gardeners vegetables you just don’t need more, expect a great glass of red wine like the “Zweigelt Fuchsloch” vintage 2017 as well a great essence of grapes. 

The final of this great menu was a raspberry cake with rosemary and elder ice cream and English cream, of course, it was an outstanding finish of this evening. As wine-paring to this closing plate, we were allowed to have a glass of sweet wine (Cuvée Pinot blanc/Sauvignon Blanc).