48 Hours at Guana Island - Part Two


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It was 7 pm, it had an amazing light and there was a slight breeze when I realized that the array of staff was actually waiting for no one else than me. Andrea and Chelsea were welcoming me personally and handed over a refreshing towel along a welcome drink before a friendly guy took care of the luggage after welcoming me too. Soon after I found myself in a buggy that seemed to have as much horse power as a Ferrari. Driving through the woods and catching up on all those noises from the nature seemed like disconnecting from life. Instead of complaining or being worried about something, I just sat in the buggy and paid attention to all those natural wonders. A steep drive up the hill got us to the main plaza of the resort with the main building on the right and the villas somewhere spread on the left. The centre made the gorgeous view of the sunset which was too gorgeous to be true.


With the aperitif waiting in the main house, Andrea took the time to show me the way to the room. I think there is no need to mention that all rooms are sea view ones – living the private island life has its advantages. One thing that makes you feel changing your life is the interior design of Guana Island. I think there is no hotel in the world where I would say this interior is perfect but here it is just the right addition to the entire experience. Rarely have I seen such a simple design for rates of a thousand dollars, but it let’s you think: do we really need gold faucets, Japanese Spa toilets, beds that cost as much as a sports car or technology that goes that beyond until nobody can handle room lights anymore? And it’s the moment you realize you can get all those stuff at home, too. But what you can’t catch up is time. Two twin beds and a wardrobe make up the bedroom while a comfy sofa and a writing desk make up the semi-separated living room. The bathroom comes in sleek white with a single vanity desk, walk-in shower and a toilet next to it – a bath that couldn’t be any simpler. Luxury was added with L’Occitane toiletries, a minibar and plush towels. No TV or phone BUT Wi-Fi – “just because they needed to in order not to loose guests” the management’s statement for a bit of connection – at least to make your followers even more jealous.


What happens at Guana stays at Guana, so no details can be released on our daily life when being disconnected. Just one thing to say about our terrace that featured a dining table, two extremely comfy lounge chairs as well as a private infinity pool overlooking both, the Caribbean and the Atlantic. It’s about memories that make up your life. You won’t remember the usual things, but you will remember the extraordinary stuff. If you can keep your personal belongings somewhere in the room which is not locked because there is no need for keys on Guana with your iPhone and iPad lying somewhere on the terrace, all guests could theoretically access, and you decide to sleep on the sun lounger underneath a crystal clear sky full of stars then I call it luxury. The luxury to not care about anything else than yourself. Doing what you want without paying attention to anything and anyone.


Waking up to peacefulness, I was amazed by my inner alarm getting me up at 8 am. I mean I am totally into sleeping until noon so I thought it’s never possible something gets me up earlier. While just in need for something light thanks to the all inclusive board at Guana Island, there is an entire menu which has been prepared for our first dish of the day. The main house is actually serving as a lobby, lounge, bar, restaurant and front desk in one. All tables are spread over four terraces: one is overlooking the main beach while the other ones are facing the sunset. The bar is actually an honour bar and includes a list where you can note all drinks you had. Basically it’s like a fairy-tale for adults since you can do whatever you always wanted to do in terms of drinks. It didn’t take too long until Lukas was preparing some delicious Mojito with fresh mint and amazing rum. It’s never too early for a good drink, don’t you agree? Lunch is served in form of a buffet with two choices of main courses and two choices for starter. The dessert comes served and is always an amazing option. During the afternoon they serve canapés from 5 to 6 in the lounge at the main building just in time for an aperitif before heading to dinner which is served in form of a four course menu.


We had the exclusive chance to try an orchard-to-table dinner by the gorgeous chef Kayne and his kitchen team plus outrageous Vernon – the chef of the resort’s orchard. It was one of the most stunning dinners we have ever had and I couldn’t tell the last time when a chef was so passionate about what he is doing. We were of course so impressed and showed him our happiness, that’s why he continued and continued to serve us the most amazing dishes we could ever try. Honestly, this was a dinner as I would expect it from a two Michelin starred restaurant. I guess that if Guana Island would be a hotel somewhere in France, they would be hyped about their outrageous food and chef already. BUT it remains one of the most hidden gems in the world, and that for good reason. The mostly repeating guests all know why they return and we do too. Simply because you can’t really stop it and also because you don’t even dare about trying to find something similar. It simply does not exist.


If this place was not a dream and should exist in reality, I would always keep on going back. This may sound very arrogant, but Guana Island is indeed a place where even I can disconnect from my daily life. I have seen to much of the mainstream luxury hotels. Yes, Swiss hotels are the ones that reach perfection the most, but it’s not my kind of fulfilment. It’s not the place where I can be what I am. I am looking for the places that are beyond the norm, beyond perfection. What I need are places that keep me changing and educate me by keep going back to my inner peace and harmony. If the last thing that leaves you question is if this place is the right match for you, I am happy to give advice: Guana Island is a place for the most stressed ones and the ones looking… looking to disconnect and the ones that are ready for a mind-blowing experience. The guest book couldn’t be more of a total mixture of the world’s population composed by A-list celebrities, the most powerful persons the world has seen, successful CEOs as well as happy families, single travellers and recently married couples alike – plus from now on: me and my colleague Lukas. I guess it’s something to cross off your travel bucket list somewhere in between taking the Venice Simplon Orient Express from London to Venice and going on a Transatlantic cruise with the Queen Mary 2.

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We were invited by Guana Island and our trip was a sponsored press trip organized by Reach The Finest - however all above written expresses our solely personal opinion and has not been influenced.