Gourmet's Italia WineHunter Vienna

To be honest, the main reason for our trip to Vienna was the invitation for the Gourmet's Italia WineHunter Event right in the area of the "Museumsquartier" directly in the city center. This event was assembled of 30 exhibitors from 12 regions of Italy who had the chance to present their wines and especially promote them for the upcoming main event: the Merano Wine Festival 2018 which is taking place from 9 till 13 November 2018.  We really love this kind of wine tastings since you have the chance to get to know less famous wine producers and establish direct contacts with the related persons.


Another big advantage of this kind of events is that it is not as busy like the main event in Merano, South Tyrol, so you have the chance to chat with the wineries and their producers more in detail and set up a cooperation more easily. For me as a chef/foodblogger it is essential to work with new and tasty products. This time, I got the opportunity to get to know a new olive oil called “armania ogliarola salentina”from the Italian producer Terrae Uggenti based in Bari . The very nice team of the olive oil farm even gave me a sample, which cannot be taken for granted nowadays. In total this event this event was a perfect opportunity to find some new products and connections and of course we’re looking forward to the Merano Wine Festival 2018.


There is also a Gourmet's Italia WineHunter Event in Munich, which we might join if the time allows. More information can be found here: http://www.gourmetsitalia.com/