Discovering Lake Geneva with Duchessa

Credit: Duchessa Genève


Duchessa Etoy

I found this interesting Italian shop and restaurant when I was driving back to Lausanne from Geneva and the highway was again a parking lot due to the heavy traffic. Since I love driving along the lakeside I didn’t mind and was therefore totally up to stop and walk into what seemed to be exactly a place for me: Duchessa is a concept store where modernity is combined with elegance and tradition. It is an Italian concept store, bringing forward traditional flavours and exclusive products. A unique experience to be enjoyed on site or recreated in the comfort of your home with its Signature recipes.

The Gourmet Kingdom by Duchessa (their first outpost) is perfectly situated in Etoy, in the heart of the industrial and commercial zone, Littoral Parc and close to highway and main roads between Geneva and Lausanne.


Actually, the Duchessa universe wasn’t that new to me since I experienced their culinary outlet at the Ultima Hotel in Gstaad. While in Gstaad their concept is to collaborate with the most renowned chefs and restaurants to continuously offer a new experience year after year, the company’s main idea is an authentic experience previously unseen in the Vaux and Geneva cantons, where one discovers exceptional gourmet produce to be found in our fine food store, delicatessen store or cheese shop.


Credit: Duchessa Etoy


New YI Concept by Yazid Ichemrahen

They recently launched a partnership with Yazid Ichemrahen, who is a French Pastry Chef and World Champion. He introduced the new YI Concept for Duchessa Geneva, Etoy and Gstaad. I also had the chance to try a few of these parties and they were absolutely incredible. In general, it is quite hard to find upscale desserts on the way back to Lausanne from Geneva so it is a real delight to go there grab some sweets and enjoy a drink and picknick on the lakeside when the sun is breaking through the French mountains creating the real spring feeling.


Credit: Duchessa Genève


Duchessa Geneva

The newest member of the family opened its doors in February 2019 across more than 1000m2, on the infamous square, Place de Neuve in Geneva. With its fine food store, bakery, catering space, wine cellar or the unavoidable maturing cellar, «the Grotta», Duchessa Geneva promises to become the new go-to place for the finest gourmets to enjoy the best moments. With over 800m2 across three floors, this new Italian gastronomic space in Geneva unite in a single shop all the products and services from Duchessa. And to be honest, I can’t wait to go to the place in Geneva paired with a visit to the day spa of the Four Seasons Geneva. Well, life at the lake couldn’t be any better.


Credit: Duchessa Etoy

I regularly go to Duchessa Etoy as I think it is a wonderful project, combining a bit of Italy with Swiss glamour. This way I decided to write about it and the above written hasn’t been influenced.