Restaurant-Check: Brasserie Le Sud - Lyon


Doing a road trip almost threw whole Europe brings nice and bad experiences. We started in San Sebastian directly from Madrid where we had like the best tapas and Spanish food ever, then Titus and I moved forward to Clermont-Ferrand somewhere between Bordeaux and Lyon where we had the worst dining experience ever. I wanted to give the French cuisine another chance, so we decided quite frustrated to drive to Lyon on the next day to grab lunch at one of Paul Bocuse brasseries. Thanks to google maps it was not difficult to find one. Easily we reserved a table at 13:30 at the Brasserie Le Sud in the newish quarters of Lyon nestled on the left side of the Rhone.


The experience started right after we arrived at the restaurant, the maître was expecting us so we got a nice table at the busy terrace outside of the dining room. After a quick view of the menu which contained French classics and of course some modern dishes it was clear that we are going to order the three -course lunch menu which was 27,50€. I always prefer for lunch menus to order the recommend dishes because for the crew in the kitchen its daily business, so you can’t do anything wrong. After like five minutes waiting time our drinks were served right after our starter was brought to the table, Titus ordered a velouté with bacon, peas, poached eggs, and bread croutons according to him (I had not the chance to try it) it was one of the best soups in his life. I had the pleasure to try one of Paul Bocuse inventions: A duck liver terrine with pistachios and pickled cucumber and salad. I am usually not a big fan of terrines but this one was really well prepared and presented. For the main course, the attentive waiter recommended us a glass of Cote de Rhône red wine which was the perfect match for our duck breast with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and couscous.


I have to definitely highlight the sauce of this dish, yes I already know how to make good sauces and gravies for meat but this one was really one of the best sauces which I ever tried. And yes there was a lot of butter in it but in this case, it was mouth melting! I don’t know if you guys know the feeling when you know that the Chef with his team is knowing exactly what they are doing behind the door, I can tell I felt it as soon I entered the restaurant. As dessert we decided to get the choux pastry with caramel mousse and roasted almonds which was perfectly baked in terms of texture, as well the caramel mousse was nicely seasoned and presented. In total our lunch break in Lyon at Brasserie Sud was one which I’ll not forget in ages, not just because the food was outstanding the whole service team is amazing prepared and organized.


Disclaimer: This restaurant visit was spontaneous and in form of a mystery check, therefore we did not inform the restaurant and the entire establishment was not aware of our visit. All the opinions are our own.