4 European Holidays You Can Still Plan In 2018

We’ve entered the second half of 2018 now, which means opportunities for planning trips before the year is out are beginning to run short. Of course, it’s not too late to book holidays a few months out, and you can always take a drive or a short flight to nearest beach or big city you may want to visit. But before you know it, opportunities for planning bigger luxury getaways in 2018 will be drying up. Before we reach that point however, we have a few suggestions for fun and in some cases luxurious vacations you can still plan throughout Europe this year. 


Belgian Grand Prix

Any time you get a chance to see one of the Formula 1 Grand Prix races, it’s worth the effort. These days one of those races is happening in Belgium, and specifically at the Circuit of Spa Francorchamps, located in the magnificent region of the Ardennes. The event itself, as an outdoor sporting competition, can be a little bit on the casual side. But there’s some exclusivity to it as well given that tickets can become pricey in a hurry. And what’s more, this event gives you a nice excuse to visit the aforementioned region. There you can enjoy luxury accommodations, great local restaurants, and perhaps most notably, hydrotherapy in the famous baths of Spa. It’s a relaxing place for an autumn getaway, and a great luxury travel option in 2018. 


2. Ryder Cup in France

The Ryder Cup is considered to be one of the most enjoyable events on the golf calendar. Held every two years and contested between an American and a European team of top professionals, it’s a tournament that’s as much about pride as anything else (particularly given that there is no prize purse). This year’s tournament will be held in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Paris in late September, which should make for a spectacular time. There’s always something wonderful about witnessing professional golf in person, and needless to say you can also make a beautiful holiday out of a few days in Paris before the weather gets too cold. 


3. Holidays In Vienna

By this we don’t mean general holidays, but actually specific celebrations of the holiday season. Truthfully, these can be incredible in lots of the major cities around Europe, but Vienna has always done the holiday season in particularly lovely fashion. If you book a nice hotel in the middle of town leading up to Christmas, you’ll get to see what’s effectively a fairy tale unfolding through the streets. There are lights everywhere, occasional snows, public markets, public concerts, areas for ice skating, and plenty of people merrily enjoying the whole scene. If you’re one to travel for the holidays, it’s definitely something to think about.


4. New Years In Berlin

If the Christmas holiday is best in Vienna, it might be fair to say the New Year is best celebrated in Berlin. It’s actually been written about as the best city in Europe for New Year’s, thanks mostly to a vibrant nightlife scene and a festive tradition of counting down to midnight at the iconic Brandenburg Gate. As with the holiday season in Vienna, booking a nice hotel in the middle of the action for a few days on either end of New Year’s Eve can get you right in the middle of the festivity and leave you with an unforgettable Berlin experience.