48 Hours at the Westin Lima Hotel

South America a continent well known for breathtaking nature, European backpackers and hot salsa nights. There are plenty of hostels and simple two or three star hotels but you can also find some amazing five-star luxury properties. One of those is definitely the Westin Lima. Not very discreet, but even more chic and stylish is the brand new hotel and convention center in the heart of Lima. The tower is located in the San Isidro district, which is the bank and business district of the bustling capital of Peru but it’s easy and fast to get to all sights and districts of the city. Even if it’s such a big hotel, I’ve actually never had the feeling to be in one of those huge city properties just like in New York or China. The staff is very friendly and could fulfil all of my wishes.

I landed quite early in Lima and took a taxi to the hotel where I could leave my luggage till my room was ready. I decided to explore the surroundings of San Isidro which is more like the bank and business district of Lima. Due to the fact that I landed on a Saturday the part was very calm and not many people were around on the streets. After a little while I went to a small cafe to eat a local breakfast to settle in at the exciting, new destination and that was the first time I saw why Lima is referred to the city of food lovers – I really didn’t have one single meal which wasn’t outstandingly delicious.

Like many other South American cities, Lima is not filled with big sights – in contrary, it’s more to enjoy the flow and good vibe of the place. I just strolled around enjoying the many green parks this city has. But what you definitely have to visit once in Lima is one of the “Huaca Pucllana” temple there you can learn a lot about the culture of the native people of Lima. There are guided tours which show you around the temple and explain the sense of the building and the surrounding.

After my first little tour I came back to finally see my room. I was very happy seeing I got upgraded to a Westin Executive Club Room which was really amazing. The space was separated into a walk-in closet, the dream of every girl, a huge bathroom staffed with a big rain shower and bathtub as well as a separated toilet. The highlight of the bedroom was not the heavenly soft bed rather the big window front with its amazing view over the northern part of the city with the big mountains in the back - it was so fascinating with the traffic and all the lights at night. The view had something soothing. There was also a desk right next to the window where you could do some work - if needed. Of course they also offer a high speed internet connection in the rooms. Overall, the luxurious Westin branded bed and the comfortable chaise longue meet all the needs of luxury lovers. After a long flight from Europe this is definitely the best place to have a relaxed start to your trip in South America.

After my first night in Lima – which was more than heavenly, I started the day with a big breakfast. The buffet was one of the best I’ve ever had and the highlight was that there is a slight change every day, so if you are staying more than one night you could try some new Peruvian delicacies every day – just like I did. They offered plenty of traditional warm dishes and at the first day they had a special chef preparing fresh sandwiches for you. I really was overwhelmed by the big offer of fresh juices, ice tea, tea varieties, coffees and smoothies. Really all of them are recommendable especially the fresh smoothies. I started my breakfast with eggs Benedict, my favorite kind of eggs which were amazing. Another special thing was, they had an extra shelf with healthy seeds, gluten free pastries dried fruits and different sorts of humus.

At my second day I discovered the southern part of the city with the well known quarter Miraflores and Barranco. The cliff coast is really an amazing place to hang out. Surfers are able to rent boards directly on the beach for an adventurous day. However, I decided to walk around and visit the Parque del Armor and hang out at the Larcomar shopping center where I had amazing Ceviche for lunch. Make sure to try Ceviche in Lima: it’s fresh raw fish marinated in lemon with chili. You also can have it with seafood and a fresh Pisco Sour to accompany – well we are in Peru after all and not having one is like leaving Italy without having had Italian (!) wine. I could recommend a place called Mango in the shopping center where you have a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

My highlight of the stay was the pool area. It’s just the perfect place to hang out after a stressful day of sightseeing. The relaxing music and the green plants all over the place had something really soothing. Right next to the pool area was the gym, with a big variety of exercises and fitness equipment so even for all sport lovers who are not just looking for a treadmill it’s the perfect place to workout.

Our trip through Peru was supported by Libertador Hotels & Resorts, however all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.