48 Hours at the Romora Bay, Harbour Island


The Bahamas. They are often referred to Paradise and the main highlight of the Caribbean. And indeed - the arrival is unique for itself. A breathtaking 50-minute flight is taking you over the turqoise waters from the capital Nassau to North Eleuthera Airport. You are whisking in the smallest airplane you might have ever taken, the pilot welcomes all  guests and flying turns into an experience again. Once you have made it onto Eleuthera island, it's a five-dollar taxi ride to the dock where you are boarding a taxi boat for another 5 dollars that brings you over to your final destination, Harbour Island. Once arrived, make sure to have pick-up arranged by the hotel or get a golf cart for the duration of your stay at Dunmore rentals - you are more flexible than on foot and it helps getting orientation faster. We chose latter option and soon where holding the keys to our own golf cart. Other happy golf carts driver are greeting you and before you even get to enjoy the fun time of the cart, the sign "Romora Bay" leads away from the main road towards a private ground. The driveway is truly picturesque and you stop while two ladies show you their (non) existent skills of driving the tuned golf carts.


The only thing that lets you forget about the roaring golf carts (they actually work with fuel rather than electricity) is the rewarding view of the sea behind the hotel's own marina. It seems like the most peaceful place on earth while you dream of sipping a cocktail on Romora's main terrace. Not yet, it's neither cocktail nor check-in time, however our room is ready and the bath shorts are waiting to be unpacked. For all Vilebrequin and Bluemint owner here, Pink Sands Beach is the place to show off. Head a little north and settle just below Sip Sip or bed your head under the posh white-turqoise umbrellas and you won't register it: Milan, Paris or Harbour Island - it all seems to be the same catwalk. If you get hungry or you're in for a fancy drink, no worries - Sip Sip is the place where you need to head for a posh lunch overlooking the most turqoise part of the so-deep-blue Atlantic Ocean. Don't forget to small-talk with your neighbors - they usually are wealthy citizens from the north and always great fun to shorten waiting time for food. Don't forget Harbour Island is one of the most expensive places on earth (as Bahamas in general) thanks to the extremely difficult import of the products, however you even get your San Pellegrino and Fiji - whereas you have to calculate a 15% gratuity (can be up to 20%) and a 10% VAT on top of the 6 USD - this applies to all dishes and restaurant on the island.


The room at Romora Bay was very spacious and comfortable for general standards in Harbour Island - normally they are small and not in best condition - thanks to the complicated transportation of the products. Romora Bay just has a few suites and nearly all of them are facing the sea - if you wanna be lucky, request one with a terrace to best enjoy the sunset from your room. All rooms are styled in a nice way and they all have very heavenly beds which I would not expect in a destination like Harbour Island. The bathrooms are quite spacious with a big walk-in shower and a separate outdoor shower which is a great add-on and gives you that tropical feeling. While they do provide toiletries by Rusk, I was lucky that we took the ones from Grand Hyatt Baha Mar which were by Espa - my favorite hotel toiletries in the world. Daily housekeeping was also provided as well as two extra towels for the beach.


One of the greatest advantages of Romora Bay are the hotel's sun loungers and umbrellas at Pink Sand Beach. You can simply lie there and enjoy the amazing sand that actually turns into pink at sunsets. If you are done with the finest sand I saw so far, head to the infinity pool while overlooking the marina and sipping a Bahamamama - to make sure you are tasting the Bahamas! Right next to the pool is Romora Bay's restaurant that turns into the place to be during happy hour from 4-6pm - everything is 50% off which is incredible for Harbour Island prices. Unfortunately we were not informed about this so we ended up having Bahamian beer on our terrace for 9 USD/bottle - at least it tasted extra special :).


Generally, warm hospitality is not a thing you should be looking for when travelling to Harbour Island. Compared to other Caribbean islands, we experienced by far the worst service there. It's like Saint Tropez and French Riviera in general - pay it or leave it. Heading to the bakery for breakfast (Romora Bay does not serve breakfast) can set you back 40 Usd for two - not even including coffee or juice - actually it's been for two ham and egg toasts, a pain au chocolat and two Perrier. Yes it's insane and compared to what you get, not worth the price. At check-out the lady at the front desk turned out to be friendly (finally) and arranged us a complimentary transfer to the dock which was really generous.