48 Hours at the Kanopi House, Port Antonio


After a short flight from Havana, Cuba with a stop over in Panama City where we shopped one of the well known Panama hats, we finally arrived in Kingston, Jamaica in the early afternoon. After picking up the rental car we made our way to the city of Port Antonio where the wonderful "Kanopi House" was waiting for us. Three hours later driving on a bumpy and rough street, we finally arrived in the heart of the jungle. A super friendly guy with the name Boxer was already waiting for us and accompanied us to our amazing lodge in the trees. The treehouse called Spanish Elm had an adorable atmosphere and was designed in a minimalistic style but still had lots of charming details.


While we were entering our suite the sun set and gave the room a magical golden touch - it was unbelievable and no hotel could prepare a room in any better way. The room was equipped with a small separated kitchen with a refrigerator and a coffee machine. The living room was designed in French colonial style with a comfy sofa, armchair and a coffee table in the middle with some great books and magazines right next to it. Being the center of the room - the awesome four-poster bed which was extra high and super comfortable.


The whole lodge is made out of wood and gives an airy feeling with the front of the room out of glass doors so you could open the side totally and trap windows at the sides. In front we had a small balcony where we could enjoy the great sound and view of the Jamaican jungle. At the back side of the room was a bathroom with a small wardrobe, a vanity basin and a rainshower as well as a toilet. All those little details gave us the feeling to being part of this wonderful place. They provided two bars of soap, a shampoo, a conditioner, the best toilet paper I have had so far as well as fluffy towels.


After inspecting the room we decided to go to the "lobby" which was more like a comfortable living room with a small terrace in front offering a breathtaking view over the treetops and the blue lagoon. We just asked the kind lady behind the bar where we could have dinner and enjoyed the sunset before we went down to Port Antonio. The plan was to go to a small fish restaurant right next to the seaside but unfortunately a small accident with a garbage truck came in between. So we had to wait hungry and a bit lost in the police station and the hours were running without dinner in sight! But luckily all people were super friendly and attentive. After all this trouble we just had a burger in a real Jamaican Jerk shop - being the only tourists from Europe in the whole city made us a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but everyone was cordial and super relaxed.


Now, as we were back on our way to Kanopi House in a Jamaican taxi (an adventure itself), we were looking so much forward to a shower and this heavenly bed. Showered and bone-tired we fell in the bed enjoying the amazing and unique sound of the jungle, following the fireflies in our room which gave this whole vacation another magical moment. Our motto was: new day, new chance. And so we went to the lobby for some breakfast. The resort manager and a young waiter welcomed us and we had a great table with a beautiful view.


We tried the Jamaican breakfast, which looked like scrambled eggs but was an aki fruit - which is the Jamaican national fruit -combined with fresh fish and served with fried breadfruit and bananas. After this we had pancakes with maple syrup and fresh tropical fruits. It was simple but delicious. The service in this hotel is really perfect, everyone is adapting to the pace of the jungle - and the relaxing music is doing the rest to assure you are totally relaxed. After finishing the breakfast our room was totally cleaned up which we would have never expected. In the middle of the jungle there is still service perfection and luxury - wow!


After this perfect start in the day we decided to make an relaxing day and explore the resort. This amazing property has only 4 treehouse (3 with one bedroom and 1 with two bedrooms) and is building 2 more near to the seaside. The seafront was quite minimalistic but very private and calm. A small wooden pier with two ladders in the water under the trees gives you the chance to take a swim in the blue lagoon. It was an amazing experience: the water has two different temperatures the upper 30 centimeters are cold from the ocean and the lower water are bathtub-like which was the calm water from the lagoon. It's really highly recommended to stay at least one or two nights in this hotel but you have to be open for a new experience and take time to enjoy this place because the Caribbean clocks are going a bit slower ;-).


This was kind of a relaxing and wonderful day. And after all this recovery we decided to have dinner in the hotel (also to avoid driving in the dark which is kind of suicide in Jamaica). However, before we had a delicious cocktail prepared by the lady at the bar while savouring the sunset. The cocktails are priced at 7 Dollars and were some of the best we had during our 6 weeks in the Caribbean. We decided to order a delicious mixed salad with mango, pineapple and avocado along a fruity dressing as a starter. Following as a main course we've had chicken curry, pan fried red snapper with mashed potatoes and jerked pork - the national Jamaican dish, slowly marinated pork, charcoal-grilled, served with a spicy sauce and rice.


The next day we just had breakfast in the morning, checked out and made our way to Montego Bay. We really fell in love with this wonderful place and the people in Jamaica but you have to take time for everything and be open for their culture. And you have to plan more time for everything - no one is in a hurry in Jamaica ;-).