48 Hours at the Fusion Maia Da Nang

We directly arrived to Fusion Maia by car from the nearby Naman Retreat where we spent the first of our three nights in the Da Nang region. While I had no real clue what the main difference between the Naman Retreat and the Fusion Maia is, I figured it out very soon. To be honest there is more than just one difference. So let’s start with the check-in. Once we arrived at around 1pm, we were welcomed personally and soon accompanied to the bar area where we were served a welcome drink and handed over the documents. I would say that check-in was fast - which might be due that we have had a massage reservation. Stop right here! Fusion Maia Resort is one of the only resorts in the world that offers a Spa-Inclusive Offer meaning that all rates (no matter which category you booked) include as many treatmens as you can handle. I like to call it “all-you-can-spa”. And everyone reading the blog knows that my alarm rings when I hear the words all-inclusive. However this time I was again welcomed by a surprise. Being allowed to book a maximum of two treatments per person/day before the actual check-in, to ensure availabilities (clever so that no guest is disappointed), I booked the spa menu from top to the bottom obviously and so we were sitting in the spa waiting lounge having no clue what was waiting for us and how this is going to end - still without having had a room key (we were offered to have all our stuff being brought to the Villa). You guess right, the stay already started glamorous and from my point of view perfect. 

After the treatment we changed and went back to the front desk where we were accompanied to our One Bedroom Pool Villa. What I loved most at Fusion Maia is that all rooms are Villas and have their own pool, no matter if entry-level (like ours) or three-bedroom oceanfront Villa. This is the second and important difference to the Naman Retreat. Let’s come to the why afterwards. Once the door opened we were slightly impressed by the wonderful interior design that matched to the pretty private pool as perfect as to the stunning open-plan bathroom that couldn’t be done any more spacious. Beside the main highlight, there was a lovely semi private living room with writing desk, sofa and minibar as well as a huge double bes that could be separated into two heavenly twin beds next to a spacious wardrobe with a beach bag. As mentioned, the bathroom was a real killer with double vanities, a separate toilet, walk-in shower in black granite that felt very comfortable walking on and of course the perfect bath tub that could easily be called pool in cities like Paris or Rome. I loved the fact that once you actually took a bath, you felt like as you would sit in the private pool thanks to the huge window and the fact that they are positioned on one level. While the bath amenities were nothing to write about, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Fusion Maia offers an own bath butler preparing the tub and arranging different flavors of bubble baths. 

The welcome amenity was a box of cookies which tasted very nice and came along a printed welcome letter. Overall the pool villa was really comfortable and a lot better than the same category villa we had at Naman Retreat. I would say the biggest difference is the size and generous layout as well as the pool area which is a bit bigger and a lot greener. When we were all set inside the room, we thought that it was time to discover some local sights. Therefore we went to a hill with temples just a five minutes’ drive from the property. My father has already recommended us to take his portable AC, however as usual children know it better, we didn’t and ended up sweating like we never did before. Note: we already took the elevator up the hill (guess how it would be if we would have walked all the way up). So the elevator was already worth the 5 euros. From there we took a Grab again (Vietnamese version of Uber) taking us to the hotel safely. Back at the Fusion Maia we were in the mood for some light afternoon snack and headed to the beach restaurant. The clouds have finally gone away and the pool was looking extremely sexy with the sunlight reflecting in the granite tiled infinity pool overlooking the beach. 

During lunch we went for a typical Vietnamese bowl that included salad and chicken with soup. It was really tasty and the service excellent as well. They brought us slices of lemon and ice cubes with the Perrier. Soon after lunch we had our next treatments at the Fusion Maia Spa. Generally the concept of the resort includes all treatments during your stay. As mentioned earlier you are entitled to book a maximum of two treatments per person/night before you arrive in Vietnam. Once you arrived here, you are able to book as many treatments as you want with the friendly spa coordinators. The massive amount of spa staff is probably the biggest difference to European Spa Resorts. Our treatments were all done in a nice way and I felt slightly more relaxed than during my treatments at the Naman Retreat. The spa rooms are perfectly tempered (not too hot and not AC-freezing cold) with a lovely and dreamy touch not exposing too much. While there were seats for a feet massage, no staff member offered us a welcoming feet massage, maybe this has to be booked separately. While Vietnam and the neighbouring countries are famous to have massages, the quality is of course not the same than at European luxury spa hotels, other than that Massages in Asia are extremely cheap and yes you are able to have more treatments for the price of one in Europe. 

However I have to compliment the spa staff that they met our schedule preferences and we even had to postpone one treatment due to an appointment at the tailor, and though the spa is extremely busy, we were allocated our first time preference. They really go beyond and did their best to accommodate each guest‘s wish. From our very relaxing spa treatment, we took a shower in our Pool Villa and then headed to the Fusion Feast buffet at the main restaurant. I am always a bit cautious when it comes to buffet restaurants (no idea where this comes from not having stayed at these club resorts in Turkey or Egypt) however my thoughts were unnecessary and totally wrong. The Fusion Feast Buffet actually offers a great value for money including soft and speciality drinks as well as a buffet along a selection of three to five a la carte dishes to choose from - AND wow these dishes were stunning! I had the kobe beef fillet and Lukas went for the scallops with an amazing light lemon sauce. At the grill, Lukas and me served ourselves with freshly grilled lobster and of course the amazing wagyu beef sticks - these were so good that we ate them without any side dish - even tough there were all kinds of side dishes you would expect in Vietnam. 

When we came back to the villa, we were provided bottled water for turndown service and had a very heavenly sleep. The beds are of excellent quality and ensure a perfect start into the day. Starting the day right was never easier than with a healthy breakfast. I love the fact that they provide an a la carte menu in addition to the buffet, including beef fillet and Eggs Benedict. Latter ones were really good and tasty as was Lukas banana french toast. After the third day, we had one last treatment and then headed to the airport by Grab. To sum it up, Fusion Maia is the best resort in Da Nang and definitely ready for the most discerning guests - we enjoyed our stay very much and would not hesitate to come back anytime soon. 

We were guests of the Fusion Maia Da Nang, however all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.