24 Hours at the Meisenheimer Hof, Nahe Region

Having travelled the Nahe Region for three days already and having stayed in a wellness resort in Bad Sobernheim, we decided to change for the last night to a gourmet hotel with a nice culinary offering. Thanks to various wine makers, we were recommended only one place: the Meisenheimer Hof. Situated in an old cinema in the heart of the small town Meisenheim – somewhere between Frankfurt and the German-French boarder to express it in an international level and for all those familiar with Germany: in the southern Nahe region. Being famous for some of the most remarkable wineries in Germany including Dönnhoff and Gut Hermannsberg to name the two most prestigious ones. Now take the rental car and go 15 minutes south and you reach the gourmet kingdom of the area.

Chef Markus Pape - a cool and friendly guy - has created a little gem for food & wine lovers – last but not least due to the property’s own winery Weingut Klostermühle. Since we knew that the Meisenheimer Hof is a place to stay without much hardware, we arrived at around 6.30pm where we first were looking for the front desk like crazy. Immediately seconds later the friendly sommelier approached us and helped us do the check-in. In fact, they do not have a real check-in area but prefer to hand over keys at the bar – the easy way. For me this is what expresses a really cool hidden hotel gem – so secret that they do not even need a front desk. We were shown the way to our room, along the library which serves as a common living room. Do not look for room numbers, all the rooms are dedicated to various personalities or crus in the Nahe region. So we were assigned room Christian IV Herzog von Pfalz-Zweibrücken, a spacious double room with plenty of daylight for 148 euros including breakfast for two.

The really cool stuff is that these prices are considered among the highest in the immediate surrounding so there comes a lot of amazing features such as the most heavenly bed in the area with two pillows, upscale furniture, flawless cleanliness by the housekeeping, two bottles of water as well as a daylight filled bathroom with toilet, single vanity and a spacious walk-in shower. With the idea of the different room names come different interior designs to each room. So depending on your style you can choose your room on the hotel’s website (another reason to go for direct booking).  Obviously when tasting wines all day, we fell asleep shortly after lying in the bed to wake up at 8pm right in time to refresh and go downstairs to explore Markus Pape’s full five course exploration dinner. More details in a separated review to better go in depth about the cuisine and the surrounding wines. 

On the next morning we went downstairs again to have a beautiful a la carte breakfast mixed with a small buffet selection on our table. I absolutely loved the idea to serve a plate with various breakfast products on each table so you do not need to go to a buffet. Service was great and the friendly lady offered us orange juice, coffee/tea and even prepared freshest scrambled eggs for us. Even though there was another couple having breakfast next to us they didn’t mind serving a la carte to each table. We saw that there is a buffet setup which might be used when the hotel is running high occupancy. So going there in low season is another great plus.

All in all, this hotel is one of the region’s most luxurious ones and definitely a great place to stay when touring the upcoming wineries of the German Nahe Region. It’s in fact a great place for dinning with many Michelin starred restaurants over the boarder of the region and of course the Meisenheimer Hof which is part of Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe – an association I very much trust since I know many chefs and was never disappointed by any of the member restaurants/hotels. Look no further and stay here for the great value for money, not even talking about their culinary offering being the best in the entire area and worth a stay alone.

We were guests of Meisenheimer Hof and Markus Pape, however all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.