24 Hours at the Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman


Well, the Caymans are a magnificent place to vacation. No matter where you come from, with who you go and what you are most interested - the small archipelago is perfect for all groups of travelers. There is just one big but: You better expect to pay more for accommodation than on other islands. While the Ritz can set you back a thausand bugs a night, there is a gorgeous alternative: the Caribbean Club! Being an independent luxury boutique hotel it still has this typical charme of authenticity: You arrive and don't end up forgetting where you actually are. Perfectly on time we arrived and were welcomed in a very friendly way by a blonde lady from the front desk. She accompanied us to our 3-Bedroom Suite on the top floor, located on the corner of the building boasting the most magnificent view of the world famous Seven Mile Beach.

We were all speechless of the vast size of our suite and began to discover the different bed- and bathrooms which were divided into a master bedroom, a queen bed room as well as a twin bed room - all with en-suite bathroom, plenty of towels as well as toiletries by British brand Gilchrist & Soames. I have to point out the comfort of the beds which was incredible. These beds were made for the most heavenly sleeps and indeed I slept like a baby. Well, I have to admit that waking up with that view was not too hard so it was no surprise finding myself preparing the breakfast table at 7.30 am. Since the entire resort is more like a condominium, all Appartements have their own oversized kitchen, living and dining room so there is no breakfast service offered by The Caribbean Club. However who needs a big breakfast room when you can have breakfast on the most magnificent terrace of the Caribbean? Being it sunday morning, all shops were unexpectedly closed and we has to walk to the petrol station to get some stuff. Super funny when you need to be innovative again - and who needs a lavish breakfast when you have the most turquoise water just in front of you. Since our flight was at 12:45 noon we had to leave the resort at 10:45 am.


An early breakfast offered us the possibility to use the pool and beach club in front of the hotel which turned out to be out-of-this-world. The beach boys prepared us the sunbeds and offered comfy towels directly on the white sandy beach. To be honest, the water quality of the sea was one of the best I have ever seen - even Sardinian Costa Smeralda looks less spectacular in terms of water. It was perfectly warm and totally clean. One can ses the grounds of the sea until 60 meters which is unbelievable. Honestly, the Caribbean Club was the perfect place to stay for our party since we preferred to be independent, having a luxurious interior design and restaurant on site, tough having direct access to the Seven Mile Beach - one of the world's most famous beaches. While prices might not seem as low as on other islands, you have to see what you get for: an amazing beach, super cozy resort atmosphere (other than Marriott or Westin style - tough the same nowadays). It was a perfect stay and for a self-serviced Appartement I would grade this resort with 9/10 points.