24 Hours at the B.O.G. Hotel, Bogota

After a quite comfortable flight from Madrid to Bogota with Iberia, and a 30-minute ride (which was just 20 USD one way) we finally arrived at the wonderful B.O.G. Hotel which is located in the chic and upcoming Zona Rosa. What a magnificent place to start an adventure in South America. This new and trendy hotel was just open for a couple of months but already gave a homely feeling – just perfect when you are so far away from home.

When we entered the lobby we were quite amazed by the lovely interior of the building. It was furnished with light and pale furniture with stylish wooden aspects but only dimly lit which gave the area a cozy touch. After checking-in we were accompanied to our wonderful room in the first floor where our friends Jonas and Simon - both are in South America for more than 2 months ;) - were already waiting for us.

After an hour of jabbering over all our experiences of the last month we were ready to explore our Business Suite, a very spacious room on the corner of the building.

The big bed was definitely an eye catcher in the middle of the room and after this long time of traveling and the fact of being in a different time zone, it was such a blessing to jump inside and stretch out in bed for a few minutes. 

Photo Courtesy: Designhotels™

At the end of the bed, there was a stylish desk with a matching cow skin chair. The desk was equipped with a telephone an angle poise lamp and a GERMAN welcome letter (the guest experience manager worked in Austria for a few years ;)) with some Colombian goodies. Behind the desk was a nice sofa area and right behind was the exit to our lovely terrace which was amazingly calm and perfect for a timeout after a long day of work, sightseeing or shopping. At the other side of the bed the room was separated through a huge mirror/window wall. There was the super cool bathroom which we loved very, very much. The shower was just huuuuge and stocked with local shampoo of Colombian brand “Calima".

Before the dinner we wanted to refresh ourselves and went to the pool area. Sadly, the rooftop pool was already closed (only opened until 4pm) but the view and the whole area seemed amazing. So we decided to go back to the room and took a wonderful shower. After a long day we were really hungry and happy to have dinner in the wonderful restaurant. We were so kindly welcomed and met the South American friendliness due to the super kind service. We had a nice corner table directly next to the fireplace.

They offered us to order a small selection of traditional dishes - which weren't that small :D but even more delicious. We started with a bread selection which was served with a homemade chocolate spread and sliced mango which was served with salt and lemon - a topical way to eat mango in South America. The starters were small goodies including small burritos filled with meat, deep-fried Balls filled with meat and cheese, mini Hamburgers and kind of meatballs in BBQ sauce served with potatoes. The main courses were Paella with squid and eatable flowers, a knuckle of lamb, which was heavenly soft and with such a delicious red wine accompanied by homemade chips, and freshly caught shrimps served with mashed potatoes.

For drinks, we had a Colombian beer, called "Club Colombia oro". A fresh and light beer - it's perfect for the hot temperatures. A chocolate cake with a liquid heart served with vanilla ice-cream and kind of a panna cotta with a caramel sauce made the dinner just more amazing. A special thanks to the attentive service which did a wonderful job and had so much patience to explain us every course and gave us good tips for our stay in Bogota. After this delicious dinner it was already 10:30 p.m. that means 4:30 a.m. in Europe so we were super tired and went to bed.

After an amazingly deep sleep, we were ready for. We were wondering how we could eat again after this dinner the night before but when we saw the buffet with all the fresh fruits and juices we could nearly everything. The chef prepared us a toothsome omelet with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, ham and cheese. So I was ready to try all those exotic fruits and took a plate with twelve different exotic fruits -from super sweet to very sour but all of them delicious. After the fruits we tried the homemade granola with a liquid strawberry yoghurt.

It was so sunny so we decided to went upstairs to the rooftop pool where we were completely by our own so we could chill out and enjoy the sun after the cold winter time in Germany and Austria. After swimming a few laps we took a short nap on one of their comfy sunbeds and collected our first sunburn in 2017. It as so relaxing in the green rooftop area with the view over Bogota on one side and the view in the green mountains on the other side. In the end we walked around the beautiful area of the hotel and it was not dangerous at all. Actually, it is part of the safest areas in entire Bogota. 

All in all, we had a truly Golden Experience, as B.O.G. is the most dazzling hotels and definitely coolest place to stay in Bogota. The next time we touch down in the capital of Colombia, we will get a room there again. 

We were guests of the B.O.G. Hotel and OXO Hotels. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.