A weekend at the Bulgari Suite, Bulgari Hotel Milano

Imagine a hotel that's perfect. Well, it might not be existent due to the fact that everyone is different. However I believe in the fact that there are hotels out there that fit perfect to a certain type of traveler. Some might prefer this snobby old grand hotel, others might be very loyal to their big chain and there is a handful of travelers who are looking for stylish, less crowded and exclusive places. I would definitely describe myself as the last one. Forget the luxe-wannabe Excelsior Gallia: If you are really looking for the most perfect hotel experience in your life, your residence in Milan should be no further than Via Fratelli Gabba 7b - also known as The Bulgari, aka Bulgari Hotel Milano. Well, I don't have to say that the location is excellent, just off Via Manzoni and Via Montenapoleone (Milan's 5th Avenue), facing a vast private garden, offering the most unique views in the middle of the center of Milan. 

After a picturesque drive along St. Moritz, Livigno and the Swiss/Italian Alps, we arrived in Milan at the late afternoon. As soon as we drove through the gate, two bellmen already arrived and helped us unpacking the car. We stepped out of the car and were impressed, impressed by the amazing design, the garden and the complete atmosphere. Still without breath, we entered the main door and were welcomed by the lovely front desk attendant Margareta (who also took us around the hotel and accompanied us to the room/suite). Another nice colleague of her was checking us in in a rapid way so that we could start enjoying the refreshing towel and the tour which was following. I really appreciate excellent check-in processes. Approximately ten minutes after the beginning of the tour, Margareta and us were standing in front of an elevator. She was trying to inform us that we have been upgraded to their most wonderful room (something we get to hear very often), so we didn't think further until she came to the point: "It's our Presidential Suite, I think you are going to like it". Now, the minutes until we arrived at the room seemed to be hours. 

Margareta opened the heavy door (in fact it really indicated: "Bulgari Suite"), and it was already clear: This is going to be one of the most amazing stays we have ever had. Although she tried to explain all the facilities of this lush suite in such a lovely way, our attention was gone again and we were speechless and overwhelmed at once like small kids on christmas. 180 degree views of Milan and a terrace half as big as the entire suite itself, in addition to four seating arrangements: one comfortable sofa with chairs, a dining table for six, another arrangement in front of the bathroom as well as a chaise lounge next to the bedroom. While the terrace was amazing, it remains just one highlight of some others: the vast living room is equipped with fire place, an oversized television, super comfy chairs and sofa by Maxalto, a writing desk, a huge minibar as well as a selection of full-size alcoholic drinks (250 euros per bottle) and lots of daylight. 

While the front desk attendant asked us what we want to have as a welcome drink, my colleague Lukas was already discovering the other rooms of the Bulgari Suite: I was really impressed by the perfectly designed bathroom with oversized marble tub, panoramic windows overlooking UniCredit Tower, double vanities, plenty of Bulgari (Eau Thé Verte) toiletries and a separate toilet with bidet as well as a huge walk-in shower with rain head and jets. There was also a guest toilet next to the living room which was a great touch. Next to the bathroom, there was the comfortable bedroom with one of the best beds in the world (WOW is the only word to say!). Although we never slept more than 9 hours, it always felt like a hibernation. Of course there was never any kind of noise during the night and you can also sleep with open windows during spring and autumn. 

Another highlight of the Bulgari is the open-end breakfast which was nothing less than spectacular. It's the first time that we stayed without an alarm clock and you wouldn't believe how relaxing this was. While we arrived at 10.30 am on the first morning, I have to admit that it was something around 11.30 am on the next morning. The hostess was always super friendly and interestingly they never asked for our room number nor the names - a sign that the management is outstanding. Breakfast is served a la carte and you can order whatever and whenever you want. They have a very exclusive menu with typical breakfast dishes and also specialities like Stracciatella with fresh tomatoes. The main breakfast products were already served and included a selection of bread, puff pastries, butter, jams, fresh orange juice, coffee, fruits, cereals, yoghurt (the best I have had in Italy so far!) and toast. In case you are a real breakfast lover like I am, it is really worth to book a bed and breakfast package since you can order any dish you want. 

I would say a stay at the Bulgari is not complete when you haven't been at the Bulgari Spa. It's some kind of institution due to the amazing design you see in nearly every hotel book. In fact the spa is even more beautiful and I can't wait to be back just because of the pool and atmosphere. Even though the pool is not the biggest in Milan, the temperature is simply excellent and there is even an outdoor jacuzzi which has been just perfect after the exhausting day of sightseeing. 

Honestly, there was nothing I missed (we didn't even register that their restaurant was closed due to renovations) and I have to admit that it was the best city hotel experience so far. Together with the One & Only Reethi Rah, the Bulgari Hotel Milan is definitely on Top of the best hotels I have ever stayed. To sum up this extensive review, the Bulgari Milano offers a one-of-a-kind service, top design, amazing rooms, the best views in town and probably the most tranquil and unique location. A big thanks to the amazing staff, including the concierge Giulio, the front desk team including Margareta and Adolfo! Well done, this was a honest 10 out of 10 points-stay!

Thank you very much to the Bulgari Hotels and Resorts as well as the Executive Office at the Bulgari Milano for the generous invitation to test the hotel. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced. Due to the strict company policy of Bulgari Hotel Milano, we used some pictures with copyright by the Hotel. They made an exclusive exception to also add a selection of our personal pictures we took during our stay.