People behind the scenes - Part One

Name: Cinzia

Position: Front Desk Attendant

Location: La Posta Vecchia, Palo Laziale, Italy

Hotel Review

During my stay at one of Italy's most hidden treasures, La Posta Vecchia near Rome, I had the best stay one can have in any luxury hotel with the most dedicating and personal service I have ever experienced. Due to the professionalism of one specific team member, I thought that it might be a wonderful idea to get to know a hotel from a real insider. 

What was the reason for your decision to work in the tourism industry?

My dream was to find a job where I could travel and work at the same time. My complete family is working in the hospitality industry and I was always fascinated by my dad and mum leaving for for some days to work in many different European countries.


What fascinates you most about working in this industry?

Providing the guest an incredible experience is always fascinating. You need to be different than any other and give the people a good reason to come back.


What’s the best part of your job?

It’s amazing to meet new people from all around the world every day, it’s definitely the best part!


Any secret recommendation in the area for the next stay at La Posta Vecchia?

Spend at least 4 days at the hotel itself to fully enjoy the services and why not plan a trip on a sailboat to see the land from the sea!


When you have a few days off and are in the mood of a short getaway, which place would it most likely be?

It would most likely be home! I’m always around in Europe, and when I’m away, I just miss home, my family and my nephews.


Would you like to reveal your personal travel wishlist? Destinations you planned to go but haven't had the time yet. Let us know why exactly this places.

South Africa, South America, New Zealand all for the same reason: I’m always been interested in different cultures and their history.