Upgrade your smartphone with The Case Factory

It's getting warmer every day and why not looking for your next summer holiday? The island of Capri, the Caribbean or maybe a weekend in Saint-Tropez? Well, summer is still a little bit away, so it might be a first step towards the best time of the year by changing your winter styles into summer modus. Have you ever thought on styling your smartphone? If the answer is no, then we might have got you covered with stylish, fresh iPhone 6 cases by the posh Swedish case designer The Case Factory

If you are heading to the seaside, check out the above ones in wonderful mint and light blue... wouldn't they fit perfectly to the new blue bath shorts and the turquoise color of the Mediterranean? They are not even the most stylish iPhone cases we have found, these are also high quality products. At the reasonable price of 90 euros per case, it's a super glamorous accessory to match your coolest summer outfits. 

In case your summer trip goes more eastern, stopping in Abu Dhabi or Dubai before continuing to the Australian Outback or wonderful Bali, then you should consider the great and adventurous cases below, which match perfectly with your brown linen suit and panama hat. With these upscale water snake and python cases by The Case Factory, you're a real adventurer ready for the most exciting destinations and cultures Asia and the Middle East has to offer.