24 hours at the Penthouse Suite, Indigo Lower East Side, New York

I am visiting New York on a quite regular basis and tried a lot of hotels - Upper Eastside, Central Park, Downtown - been there, done that, this time it should be something different though. We arrived at the unimpressive entry with our Uber and were quickly helped with our bags and told that the reception is located on the 14th floor. A quick elevator ride later, we were greeted with an incredible view of Downtown Manhattan, not knowing that it will even get better. 

Check-In was flawless and as soon as we were escorted to the 25th floor where the main entrance of our room/suite was supposed to be situated (yes the suite has several entrances - three to be exact ). I entered the suite and was speechless - yes, I stayed at nice suites and rooms before but that was the highlight. The floor-to-ceiling windows, the chandelier, I couldn't have designed the atrium in any better way. The living room consisted of a huge couch which fits for at least 10 people, a dining table for the same amount of people and a small kitchen. The first of three (three!) balconies can be accessed from the living room and boosts magnificent views on Downtown AND Uptown Manhattan.

Connected to the huge living room, there is a bedroom with a separate bathroom. From there you had amazing great views on the Williamsburg bridge and the adjacent neighbourhood. At that point I was already completely satisfied. The suite had everything I could possibly need - a balcony, panoramic views and a super stylish interior - what do you need more to feel like a celebrity living in New York? But wait, it’s a penthouse suite, there is more to come. I went upstairs and discovered the incredible master bedroom. The minimalist yet spacious interior made it one of the most gorgeous rooms I have ever seen. A 270 degree panoramic view on Manhattan and Brooklyn, another balcony and a huge bathroom are already hard to beat but the fact that this is the only bedroom on the top floor of the hotel is making it even cooler. 

The views changed from great to magnificent as it got dark and all skyscrapers were lit up - the night itself was hard to describe. While the bed was super comfortable, I did not want and could not sleep. The Indigo is one of the (maybe even the) highest building in the Lower East Side and being on the top floor of that building felt like being on a high tree in the jungle. Lights going on and off here, a police siren there - it was incredible and not using the blackout curtains was definitely the best choice. 

It is a shame that I could not really use all the space during my stay but I immediately thought that this suite is great to throw parties (Hey Indigo - I gladly take an invitation :-P ) or have a good time with several friends. Words cannot express what a great place this suite is and I wish I could have stayed longer - unfortunately our travel schedule did not allow any extensions and the next morning we were off to La Guardia airport. Keep in mind that the Indigo Lower East Side is one of a few hotels with an outdoor pool in New York City. Given the time of the year I was unable to use it but it’s nevertheless a cool place on the 15th floor of the hotel. 


Also keep in mind that it is a four star category hotel - don’t expect Park Hyatt service or any exquisite food outlets.

Niklas was upgraded to the Penthouse Suite for editorial purposes and we would like to thank Indigo Hotels for this support. However all above written expresses our own opinion and has not been influenced.