48 Hours at the Hansar Bangkok

Bangkok can be chaotic and tends not be the most peaceful environment you will find out there while traveling, it is an Eldorado for luxury hotels nevertheless. Given the huge variety and hotels offered, I wanted to try something local and therefore was very keen to try out the Hansar Hotel, which is part of a luxurious Thai boutique hotel chain and operating only five hotels in the country, including holiday destinations such as Samui and Khao Yai.

However all began with a super relaxing flight in Emirates Business Class. After arriving with my Emirates chauffeur, I arrived at the Hansar Bangkok earlier than expected and was quickly checked in. The front desk staff escorted me up to my Studio Suite and overall check-in was alright and efficient.

The room consisted of an spacious entryway with a small kitchen, a refrigerator (stocked with a few soft drinks - complimentary), a washing machine and a dryer. The entree led to the living- and bedroom where a small welcome gift was already waiting for me. I really liked the small balcony and the views it featured of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club - in fact it turned out that it is one of their only Studio Suites with this view. The bathroom was equally well shaped and the small wardrobe in front of the vanity desk was much appreciated. There was a separated toilet and a walk-in shower next to the deep bath tub, however the toiletries were unfortunately not worth to be mentioned here. While the hotel is equipped with a pool and a gym I did not have the time to check it out. (showing your colleagues around Bangkok can be a little bit exhausting ;-) ) 

Breakfast is served on the ground floor with the option to dine outside on a small patio - given the humidity I decided against it and stayed inside. The buffet setup was not huge by asian standards though they had everything you may want and it was of an incredible good quality. 

The hotel complex itself is centrally located and only a few steps away from the BTS which we found to be the best way to get around in Bangkok. (I once requested an Uber and it took me 45 minutes for one kilometre - that’s another story though) However everybody knows how terrible traffic in Bangkok can get so try to use the BTS whenever possible. It is really the only option to get further with - except walking as we learned during our city tour by EXO Travel

The concept of the hotel still leaves me a little bit puzzled though - for example: all hallways and elevators are not even air-conditioned which can be really bothering as you start sweating as soon as you leave your room. Due to the fact that the reception is located in the middle of the hotel, you do not really interact with any employees besides the bellboy. While I was perfectly fine with that, I can imagine that a lot of people value personal service a lot and they might be disappointed when staying at the Hansar Bangkok. 

Factoring in all circumstances and especially the fact that I did not spend much time at the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel and can highly recommend it for those who are looking for a peaceful getaway in Bangkok. It may be especially interesting for guests who plan a long-term stay as all the necessary gadgets can be found within the room.

Niklas was guest of the Hansar Bangkok for editorial purposes. However his above written expresses his own opinion and has not been influenced.