Kita Skincare

Completely unexpected we found this amazing skincare brand from London. Normally we do not care on which products we are using, but throughout the summer, we have been using KITA on our travels and long-haul flights. Yes, the hotels we are staying in do have luxurious toiletries but we have not seen any luxury skincare products yet, so we believe that these KITA products are the excellent addition to all luxury travels, for even the most discerning travellers. Many are flying first and business class, staying in luxury hotels and driving with limousines, so we thought why not adopt the same luxury attitude in skincare and use one of the best and most exclusive brand in skincare? 


There are five different types of KITA products and you can discover your element and KITA product is for you - through a simple online calculation on the KITA website From Wood, Metal and Earth, to Water and Fire, these products are amazing and help to refresh and revive you from travel stress. Perhaps it'a after a long-haul flight to New York, a yacht ride along the Croatian Coast or after a bumpy limousine pick up from Podgorica airport to the one-of-a-kind Aman Sveti Stefan resort - KITA has been accompanying us throughout our amazing summer.  We love the concept behind this new skincare company and their avant grade approach. Along with the product, the packaging includes an instruction on how to use the serum in a right way. 

When applying on KITA your skin feels relaxed and softer. I love to put it on at night so when I get up I look fresh and clean, yet a little bit younger :)! The smell is decent and it is absolutely not so creamy like normal moisturizers (I hate if they are so creamy and smell strongly). Very light weight and easily absorbed, these products make an easy travel companion!


Finally the best is that they not just are amazing, all products come in a super stylish bottle which looks luxurious and dazzling everywhere you settle your toiletry bag. The founder and owner Chiara Vania, has introduced a completely new level in luxury skincare: “People are increasingly looking for something that goes beyond the surface. Understanding that beauty is intimately connected to how we feel more than how we look is the most important part of what we do. This, for me, is what balance is about, and this is what inspired me to create KITA.”


KITA Skincare is an official partner of Travel Executive since July 2015 and we are proud to collaborate with such a new luxury brand.  

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Prices from 155 GBP