PrimeClass at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Arrival Service:
Having never experienced an Airport VIP Service, we were quite excited what to expect and how things are going to be. So we left the plane and took the bus to the Terminal. There our hostess was already waiting with a porter. Both welcomed us and we were seated in a golf cart. After passing by all arriving passengers, we were brought to the Fast Lane Immigration and we only waited for five seconds until we were at the passport control. While all other passengers were waiting for 10-20 minutes, we already passed the border control and our porter was already taking care of our hand luggages again. Our hostess accompanied us to the luggage claim and the porter took all our suitcases. Completely relaxed we were shown the way to our Limousine (provided by Travelium) and after reaching the car and opening the doors of the elegant S-Class, the hostess said goodbye. 

Departure Service:
When our Limousine drove along the arrival hall, our hostess was already waiting at the entrance. A porter was taking care of all our bags and transferred them to the Qatar Airways check-in. They helped us with the check-in process and arranged everything. Soon afterwards we were again accompanied to a fast lane for the security check, where we had to go through without our hostess and porter. After the security check they were already waiting for us and brought us to the pirmeclass Lounge at the Atatürk Airport. 

The Lounge:
The Lounge was spacious and very nice, with a designed area with working desks and a living room area. The buffet was quite goof for Lounge standards and the hostess did take care of our flight (delays, gate changes and she also informed us when we need to go). We could enjoy the Lounge and afterwards she accompanied us to the gate (this time without golf cart), where she left us alone and said goodbye.

We have booked the "priceless CIP Service", which is their second highest category (of three in total) and I can highly recommend it. So you see both services have their advantages and the best might be to book the primeclass Service for both: arrival and departure. However if I would need to decide between these two, I would definitely take the arrival service as the Priority Lane at the immigration was heaven! We were in the Limo 10 minutes after arriving in the terminal!

The complete service was a complimentary offer by "primeclass" and is available at many airports throughout Turkey. All above written expresses my own opinion and has not been influenced.